Throw out your Bearcat Scanner! Website of the Week


URL Labs’ Website Of The Week:

From the site, “Broadcastify is the radio communications industry’s largest platform for streaming live audio for public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine related communications.”

Throw out your Bearcat Scanner!
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  • lee colleton

    I don’t think I will throw out my scanner: visiting websites gives up metadata (especially without SSL support)

  • IndyRadio

    ssl does not protect your metadata at all, it gereates more and it verifies you for the NSA unless the sites you trust have self-signed certificates. The certificate “authorities”, especially Verisign are pwned by the NSA, so the NSA gets a copy of the SSL certificate as soon as it is generated. This is how they manage a “quantum insertion”. You go to their website, which looks just like Yahoo or Google, or WHATEVER – the point is, it has a perfect SSL certificate that you accept, and then you willingly surrender your password AND username. Thank you for you data. See the pdf “Full Disclosure” written by a group of engineers who figured this out even before the Snowden releases, though the recent pdf has benefitted from his fine work.

  • lee colleton

    metadata is not a single monolithic type. If you assume that SSL is completely broken then there isn’t a difference. However this underscores my point that I will keep my ability to scan directly and not rely on other websites. For secure communications, use Tor and Hidden Services.