It isn’t Maker’s Mark or Makersfaire, it’s… Website of the Week



URL Labs’ Website Of The Week:

From the website, “ is a dynamic digital platform showcasing thousands of compelling stories - both known and unknown – from trailblazing women of today and tomorrow.”





  • andreas

    The site/project is sponsored by a beauty-creme vendor. While there are worse things around, empowering women through cosmetics feels just wrong. George Monbiot recently had an article highlighting this problem:

    Its “Dove self-esteem project”, for example, claims to be “helping
    millions of young people to improve their self-esteem through
    educational programmes”(3). One of its educational videos maintains that beauty “couldn’t be more critical to your happiness”(4),
    which is surely the belief that trashes young people’s self-esteem in
    the first place. But of course you can recover it by plastering yourself
    with Dove-branded gloop: Unilever reports that 82% of women in Canada
    who are aware of its project “would be more likely to purchase Dove.”(5)

  • Alexander Jerri

    Thanks for passing that along Andreas, I’ll get your comment to Laddie and post his response!