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Last week something unimaginable happened,finally after 20 years Police Commander Jon Burge walked into a Chicago Federal court house to select the jury that will be judging him on charges of perjury.

And on the 24th of May at 8:30am he’ll be attending his first day of court.

But I think I’m getting ahead of myself, some of you may not know who Jon Burge is, why he is facing jail time or even why you should care.

Burge is being charged with lying during the civil trial of Madison Hobley. See- Madison’s wife, children and neighborswere killed in a fire-and Jon Burge forced him to confess to their murder. Not because he did it but because he was torturedby Burge with the infamous “Black Box.” An electric crank generator often used in Vietnamas a quick way to torture prisoners captured by US forces. Jon Burge said he didn’t do this-after swearing on the Bible. That was a lie and that is a Federal crime.

And that is why he is going to trial, not because he tortured Hobley, but because he lied about torturing Hobley. But he wasn’t Burge’s only victim, and his experience was far from the worst.

Between the years of 1972 and 91, Burge and his “Midnight Crew,” arrested and tortured 135 to 200 people of color. For those 20 years Chicago made Guantanamo Bayseem like a quite beach resort. Their favorite methods of torture were electrocution- typically applied to the genitals and ears- or suffocation with a type writer bag. This was often followed by show executions, beatings,and chaining the victims to a redhot radiator. If a victim was uppity and threatened to talk or refused to sign a confession, Burge would threaten back that he’ll torture or kill their family.

But that’s still not the worst part! The truth of what happened at Area 2 would make the Catholic Church squirm. Some of these victims were as young as thirteen years old! Can you believe that? They were torturing kids!What does this say about the Chicago police? After all, are they not sworn to protect us from monsters that molest children?

Yes, that’s right, I did say molest. John Burge and his Midnight Crew did more than just beat kids. They sexually assaulted them. This is something the media, prosecutors and the public dance around. But it’s the reality of their crimes.

I don’t care what your definition of torture is, if you think it’s sometimes justifiable or not, but whoever assaults the genitals of a kid is a child molester. PERIOD; THERE IS NO DEBATE ABOUT THAT!

Concerned parents all over the nation should be, at a minimum, demanding the resignation of the remaining 8 Midnight Crew officers who are still working for the CPD. But I don’t hear much of anything on the subject. Do you?

So what does that say about us? That, even today, after all we know, we still see and hear from Officer after Officer and Citizen after Citizen defending Burge and his thugs.

Well to be fair, there are committed activists who are doing everything in their power to ensure that Burge pays for his crimes. But as someone directly involved in this community, I have to say- it’s not very large.

Maybe the problem comes from ignorance-you know, a lack of understanding the facts. It’s easy to blame lazy journalism. Since John Conroy, the guy who broke the story about the Midnight Crew, was fired from the Reader in 2003 there has been an absence of valuable reporting on the torture scandal.




  • Antler

    Torture is most certainly -not- as American as Apple Pie.

    If you asked a room full of Americans how many of them love racist police torture against Black people, only a handful of States Attorneys, a smattering of cops and crop of assorted White Sox fans would raise their hands.

    If you asked that same room full of Americans if they loved Apple Pie, they would -ALL- raise their hands, and the ones who did not would be lying, and they would probably by in the RCP and would not want to admit that they loved anything as iconoclastically American as Apple Pie. But, inside you know they want some of that flaky sweet goodness, and with ice cream.

    So please.. check your facts, and your heart.

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