Past Guest Mark Ames of The Exile on the Rally to Restore Vanity Uncategorized


I was in Washington DC at the Stewart/Colbert Rally.  I went because I live in Baltimore and I was taking my Iranian friend to DC.  I showed up at the National Mall, caught whiffs of lots of doobies, and saw Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll Clown live and in person.  But the minute I got hungry, I headed over to the amazing cafeteria in the Smithsonian Native American museum (the best kept secret in touristy DC).  I was in there at the height of the rally, enjoying a fine peanut soup and wild rice.  Judging by the crowd next to me in the cafeteria, many of the rally goers had the same idea.  I showed up, I got counted, now let me eat.  I can watch it later on C-span.

The argument over the meaning of the rally has been fought out on MSNBC’s cablewaves, where Keith Olbermann accused Jon Stewart of implying a “false equivalence” in the Daily Show’s critique of the media between Olbermann’s network and Fox News.  They stand up for the little guy, Olbermann declared, while Fox is mega-corpo-shill fest.  Fine.  Stewart’s point is made for me whenever I turn on Olbermann’s show, or any other progressive show on MSNBC, and see the same 10 people smirking and jibing.  Come on – you are going to have Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post on again?  You just had him on last night!  Oh wait, that was Rachel Maddow’s show.  If I was a conservative and had been potty-trained by right wing radio, and I turned on MSNBC, it would confirm everything I thought to be true: this station is an elitist liberal circle jerk that knows nothing about America.  And they ooze Democratic Party talking points like they’ve been posted in the MSNBC toilet stalls.  You know, in every corporate job the HR department has to put up some corny shit in the bathroom while you’re squeezing out the hardened wisdom of the day.   So, score one for Stewart, but too bad he can’t coherently say anything like this when asked.

Someone who never minces his words, on the other hand, is Mark Ames, from The Exile magazine.  Ames also went to the rally, and like myself, immediately abandoned it once he realized it was going to be the ultimate non-event.  He performs his finishing move on the rally here, and while I can’t live off of hate and ephedrine like Ames, I agree with him on this one.  If you can wade through the anger, then get down to his final points on what a political movement does look like.  That’s some hard-squeezed wisdom there.