Episode #740: Podcast for May 11, 2013 Shows

Emily Matchar talks ‘The New Domesticity.’
Kristen Gwynne on the drug war and law enforcement.
Nicole Aschoff explains explains what’s behind the ‘Imported From Detroit’ PR campaign.
Sarah Jaffe gives ‘Dispatches from the Class War.’
Dave Buchen reports from Puerto Rico.
Greg Palast dissects the FBI’s Chechen investigation.
Kate O’Donnell says, ‘Thank You, Science!
Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.

Episode #732: Podcast for March 16, 2013 Shows

US State Department veteran Peter van Buren explains ‘Why the Invasion of Iraq Was the Single Worst Foreign Policy Decision in American History,’ Brown University professor Catherine Lutz dissects the real costs of the Iraq war. UC-Santa Cruz professor Christine Hong tells us how the US is ‘Lurching Towards War’ with North Korea.

Sarah Jaffe has ‘Dispatches from the Class War.’ Trevor Ewen tells us what’s happening in ‘The County Incinerator.’ The Hopleaf’s Michael Roper talks beer.

Episode # 713: Podcast for October 20, 2012 Shows

The War Nerd, David Skalinder gave a ‘View from the Agile Left’ in London, Tom Frank did ‘Pity the Billionaires,’ Sarah Jaffe talked about the debates, Naureen Shah was ‘Counting Deaths from Drone Strikes,’ Michael Roper in Italy on beer, and Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth from LA.