Nine Circles! for Thursday: Astonishing and Alarming Toxicity Nine Circles of Hell!

North Korea targets “arch-enemy,” “no recent positive signs” in Syria, Egyptian police abuse continues, Bangladeshi garment factory fire workers’ families uncompensated, new Pakistan law means hundreds of suspected militants held on no charges, Spain’s skyrocketing youth unemployment, Mali’s rebels reportedly splitting, Chechen fighting turns deadly, and common pesticides ‘astonishing’ toxicity.

Episode #724: Podcast for January 19, 2013 Shows

Journalist Peter Tinti from Mali, writer Nick Turse on ”The American System of Suffering,’ Dean Baker on Aaron Swartz, and Pam Palmater is ‘Idle No More.’

‘The Radical Pessimist,’ a ‘Moment of Truth’ and we introduce a new and very special member of the This is Hell! crew.