Episode #740: Podcast for May 11, 2013 Shows

Emily Matchar talks ‘The New Domesticity.’
Kristen Gwynne on the drug war and law enforcement.
Nicole Aschoff explains explains what’s behind the ‘Imported From Detroit’ PR campaign.
Sarah Jaffe gives ‘Dispatches from the Class War.’
Dave Buchen reports from Puerto Rico.
Greg Palast dissects the FBI’s Chechen investigation.
Kate O’Donnell says, ‘Thank You, Science!
Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.

Epsiode #703: Podcast for July 28, 2012 Shows

On this week’s This is Hell!, Chuck Mertz interviewed former M15 officer Annie Machon on the possibility we will be misled into war with Iran, Kristen Gwynne talked drugs and cops, and Guardian writer Michael Cohen explained how ‘America rots from the inside, while overreacting to threats from outside.’

David Skalinder reported from the Olympics, Elvis DeMorrow told us what’s happening with the Aurora shootings in the Konspiracy Korner, and Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth.