Episode #723: Podcast for January 12, 2013 Shows


This is Hell! is back today, Saturday, January 12, with a live four hour completely unedited and uninterrupted four hours show beginning at 9AM (US central) on Chicago’s Sound Experiment, WNUR 89.3 FM, streaming live here and podcast shortly after at this page.

Last week, This is Hell! was ready to air our first show of the year when bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz was hit by one of the two strains of the flu that’s bating the living hell outta America.

On tomorrow’s first This is Hell! of 2013, Chuck will interview The New York Times’ Steven Greenhouse who will reveal Wal-Mart’s outsourcing problems. Chuck will also speak with historian Rick Perlstein who exposes ‘How the NRA Became an Organization for Aspiring Vigilantes,’ activist Shahid Buttar who will discuss Obama’s renewed domestic surveillance policy, and The Nation’s Dave Zirin will explain why 2012 was ‘The Year Our Sports Broke.’

We’ll start the New Year with a new irregular correspondent. Former WNUR general manager Marc Flury will be giving us reports live from South Korea, but this week he’s in Hanoi. We’ll hear from ‘Our Man in Dublin,’ Will Lynch who may talk abortion scandal, or maybe flag riots. Who knows? When we do, we’ll tell you. Kevan Harris, ‘The Radical Pessimist,’ joins us live in-studio for the entire show, but will also give do his segment. And live from Los Angeles, Jeff Dorchen will deliver a Moment of Truth.

This week’s show will be produced by Alex Jerri and Richard Norwood.




  • Bleepnsheep

    Had to turn off Pearlman. What a cock sucker!

  • blah

    when you go around saying “merry christmas” to people regardless of whether that relates in any way to their own heritage, culture or lifestyle you’re just being a self absorbed ignoramus. acting that way in a diverse city like chicago is particularly moronic.

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  • http://thisishell.net Chuck Mertz

    First, this is if you believe Christmas is a religious holiday. This holiday is clearly far more secular than religious. Ask any kid if they are more excited about Santa coming to town or Jesus being born. Secondly, if a Muslim in my neighborhood tells me to enjoy Ramadan (and this has happened as it has happened with Jews in my neighborhood and wishing me Happy Hanukkah), I am not offended. I tell them thank you and that I will. There’s nothing wrong with respect for all religions and being honored that someone would hope you would enjoy their special day.

    Thanks for the name-calling. It’s always a great way to start an intelligent conversation and shows a true open-mindedness.

  • http://thisishell.net Chuck Mertz

    When you say Happy New Year are you afraid to offend people who use a different calendar? Do you offend Jews, Chinese, Muslims and those who are still using the Justinian rather than the Gregorian calendar?