Episode # 708: Podcast for September 8, 2012 Shows


This is Hell! returned with a live four hour show Saturday, September 8 at 9 AM (US central) on WNUR-FM, Chicago, streaming live and podcast here.

Your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz interviewed whistleblower Thomas Drake, the Bureau of Investigative Reporting‘s Chris Woods, and Open Society Fellow John Feffer.

Thomas told us how he blew the whistle on massive waste related to the infamous NSA warrantless wiretapping scandal. Instead of being embraced as a hero, he was harassed as an alleged spy.

Chris’s recent writing includes, “Obama’s five rules for covert drone strikes.”

This week, John posted the article, “Dumb and Dumber: Obama’s ‘Smart Power’ Foreign Policy Not Smart at All.”

We were also be joined by irregular correspondents Kevan The Radical Pessimist’ Harris who leaves shortly for Iran, Jim Naureckas of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, and Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth.

Our producers will be Richard Norwood and Spencer ‘Thunderball’ Thayer.




  • Capt. Woodget

    Seems WNUR is off air and offline?

  • tbetz

    Had the same problem last week.

  • pm

    Why is it taking you guys so long to post the podcasts! Give us a break.

  • Capt. Woodget

    All links to live stream are inop. Same deal at WNUR. I would like to hear the show live, but I guess me have to wait for the podcast. I will listen to old Democracy Now shows and frown into my coffee. But perhaps I will stand up for the intro music and just funk-out.

  • jackson852

    chuck another saturday off to a bad start

  • SameOldSituation

    Here we go again with the technical difficulties.

  • Anna Granfors

    Update: we have streaming! Yay! But just so you know, the RealPlayer stream has LOTSA static. As does the tunein.com link.

  • YankeeDoodle

    Put more foil on the “rabbit ears”.

  • Jim Smith

    The Conspiracy Bunnies!

  • tbetz

    Just letting you know that the 48 kbps mono podcast sounds great, saves big bandwidth. Excellent choice!

  • Chuck

    Station was hacked. They’re hoping to get the stream up soon.

    All podcasts are up.


  • Capt. Woodget

    Argh, pirates!