Episode #737: Podcast for April 20, 2013 Shows


‘While attention focuses on Pakistan’s restive northwest, southwest Balochistan has been a bloody battleground since 2005.’
‘The Internet’s Shameful False ID.’
‘What Happens When We Pay Others to Live Our Lives for Us?’

Saturday’s live, four-hour This is Hell! beginning at 9AM (US central) on Chicago’s Sound Experiment, WNUR 89.3FM, is hosted by your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz. This is Hell! also streams live here and is podcast shortly after our over-the-air broadcast at this page.

Our guests will be…

Writer Asad Hashim discusses “Pakistan’s unending battle over Balochistan.” Asad is a staff writer with Al Jazeera. While Asad does most of his reporting from Pakistan, he is currently at Al Jazeera’s world headquarters in Doha. You can follow Asad on Twitter @AsadHashim

Writer Alex Pareene describes “The Internet’s shameful false ID: Citizen detectives smeared a missing college student.” Alex covers politics at Salon.com. He is the author of, “The Rude Guide To Mitt.” He was described by Forbes as “ferociously smart,” he was named one of their ’30 obvious rising stars in media.’ His other recent columns include, “Whoops! Turns out debt doesn’t ruin economies,” “Let’s not be terrorized: We can’t stop people from putting bombs in trash cans. Catch who did, and let’s honor Boston by returning to normal,” and “Minority of useless undemocratic legislative body blocks modest gun control legislation.” Follow Alex on Twitter @pareene

Sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild is author of “The Outsourced Self: What Happens When We Pay Others to Live Our Lives for Us” (Picador). Arlie is Professor Emerita at the University of California at Berkeley Sociology Department.

Our irregular correspondents will be…

Investigative journalist and forensic economist Greg Palast does his second segment as a contributor on This is Hell! Greg will be eulogizing the late Margaret Thatcher. Follow Greg on Twitter @Greg_Palast

Live from the hermetically sealed clean room at URL Labs, LaddieO.com gives a web, tech and science report

Live from somewhere in India, Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth from the filming of his new movie.

Producing Saturday’s show will be Theron Humiston and Richard Norwood.




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    hmmm… the academic over there seems to move in circles where people’s lives are rife with servants. not sure that her topic is relevant to the average non-affluent person…