Podcast for October 9 Shows


On the Saturday, October 9, 2010, four-hour, completely new, live broadcast, which can be listened to here, your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz interviewed:

  • award-winning investigative journalist Russ Baker is founder and editor-in-chief of WhoWhatWhy/The Real News Project where his recent writing includes the story,  “‘Obama’s Wars’:  The Real story Bob Woodward Won’t Tell.” Russ is author of last year’s, “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Secret History of the Last Fifty Years” (Bloomsbury Press). Russ has received the Society of Professional Journalists, Mencken and Common Cause awards, served as a panelist for the national conference of Investigative Reporters & Editors, and been a member of the adjunct faculty at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is the co-founder of the journalism soirees that evolved into the company, MediaBistro.
  • activist and writer Tom Hayden is a former California State Assemblyman and State Senator. Tom is the Nation Institute’s Carey McWilliams Fellow. His recent articles can all be found by clicking here. Tom also blogs at Huffington Post. His most recent books include, “Voices of the Chicago Eight: A Generation on Trial,” (City Lights), “Ending the War in Iraq,” (Akashic Books), and “Writings For A Democratic Society: The Tom Hayden Reader” (City Lights). This week, Tom posted the story, “Another 9/11: The Danger of Obama’s Secret Policy.”
  • Thomas Geoghegan is a practicing attorney and author of, “Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?: How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life” (New Press). His previous book is, “See You in Court: How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation” (New Press). Last year, Thomas was a Democratic candidate for Rahm Emanuel’s vacated US Congressional seat in Illinois’s 5th district. Thomas lost in a special election to eventual Congressman Mike Quigley.
  • Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer with AlterNet. Joshua is the author of, “The 15 Biggest Lies About the Economy (and Everything else the Right Doesn’t Want You to Know About Taxes, Jobs and Corporate America)” (Wiley).

Our irregular correspondents were …

  • live from Hungary, reported on the toxic sludge, will be ‘Our Man in Budapest’ Todd Williams
  • live from Baltimore, ‘The Radical Pessimist’ Kevan Harris gave us a piece of his mind.
  • live from Chicago, Dan ‘The Auto Man’ Litchfield talked cars.
  • live from Portland, Maine, Danny Muller filed a ‘Wasted Energy Report’.
  • Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth.
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    Podcast for October 9
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    • Alan Hester

      Re: Thomas Geoghegan:
      Why is the best candidate for our city, state, country, etc not running for any office? I am VERY excited about Mr Geoghegan, and hope that he can make us closer to the Old Europe model.