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Historian Ervand Abrahamian explains how Iran’s history doesn’t just start at 1954, and that the Western-backed coup that overthrew their elected leader might have something to do with everything that happened ever since. Ervand is the author of The Coup: 1953, The CIA, and The Roots of Modern US-Iranian Relations, and serves as the Distinguished Professor of Iranian and Middle Eastern history and politics at Baruch College.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux surveys the cruelty that permeates American culture. This week he wrote the Counterpunch piece America’s Descent Into Madness: The Politics of Cruelty, which explores the rot and corruption that has infested our country’s basic ideas about itself and the world. Henry currently holds the Global TV Network Chair Professorship at McMaster University in the English and Cultural Studies Department and a Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Ryerson University. His most recent book is The Educational Deficit and the War on Youth.

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire makes the case against military action in Syria, and for dialogue and negotiation. On Monday, Mairead appealed to British Foreign Minister William Hague and his French counterpart M. Laurent Fabius to stop calling for military action against Syria. You can read her whole statement here. Mairead was awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize with Betty Williams. The two, along with Ciaran McKeown, co-founded the Community of Peace People, an organization dedicated to encouraging a peaceful resolution of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Campaign Spokesperson Lorraine Chavez from the Fight for 15 campaign of the Workers’ Organizing Committee of Chicago discusses this week’s protests by fast-food and retail workers. On Thursday, hundreds of strikers protested in downtown Chicago against giant businesses paying workers sub-poverty wages. Follow their Facebook Page for videos and images from the action.

Irregular Correspondents:

In this week’s View from the Agile Left, David Skalinder reports from the UK on David Cameron’s Syria defeat, post-privacy journalism, and the next generation of Facebook friendly dictators. Oh yeah, he does the whole thing live from a country cricket match.

Elvis DeMorrow makes room in the Konspiracy Korner for fake Syrian chemical weapons courtesy of Qatar and a British man named Phil,  a slain MIT police officer who fits (or doesn’t) into the Boston Marathon Bomber story, and why an NFL pioneer found a second career in vaudeville.

California either burns or drowns in a new Moment of Truth from Jeff Dorchen. Either way, it somehow happens to a soundtrack by Rammstein.




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