Episode #727: Podcast for February 9, 2013 Shows


WNUR 89.3FM is Chicago’s oldest and biggest independent radio station. There are no conflicts of interest with advertisers as we have none. All WNUR’s programming originates from the station. WNUR doesn’t play syndicated crap: never has and never will.

Only through this rabid independence can there be a This is Hell! Corporate media fears us because we can’t be bought. Public Radio hates us because we broadcast live, unedited content that challenges the status quo. Progressive radio hates us because we’re an equal opportunity player hater.

In other words. without WNUR there is no This is Hell!

Once a year, WNUR holds the Phoneathon Fundraiser.


More specifically …


Call (847) 491-3655 RIGHT NOW and donate. Not only are there plenty of books by past guests on the show that you can get for donating to This is Hell!, but there’s all sorts of WNUR gear.

Everyone who donates to This is Hell! will receive a limited edition This is Hell! button!

This Saturday, on a live four hour This is Hell! beginning at 9 AM (US central)on your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz will be interviewing …

  • Robert Parry is editor of Consortiumnews.com. Bob’s most recent book is, “America’s Stolen Narrative.” He recently wrote the piece “The Iraq War ‘Surge’ Myth Returns.”
  • Marcy Wheeler is a noted blogger on legal issues, writing at EmptyWheel.net. Marcy’s most recent writing includes, “The Timing of the White Paper” and the piece “This Isn’t the Memo You’re Looking For.”
  • Gray Brechin is founder and project scholar of the Living New Deal Project. Gray returns to tell us the truth behind the US Postal Service story.
  • David Cay Johnston covers fiscal and budget matters for Columbia Journalism Review’s United States Project. David is a former New York Times reporter who is currently a columnist for Tax Analysis. He also teaches tax and regulatory law at Syracuse University Law School and is president of Investigative Reporters & Editors. David’s most recent writing includes his CJR piece, “The true cost of national security: The Pentagon and the White House focus on the core Defense budget, but that’s not the half of it.”

Our irregular correspondents will be …

  • in-studio, John K. Wilson is co-editor of the Academe blog at Illinois Academe where he is an editor. John is the author of, “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Rush Limbaugh’s Assault on Reason.”
  • in-studio, producer and local cop activist Spencer ‘ThunderBall’ Thayer tells us what’s in his craw.
  • live from San Francisco, The Exploratorium’s Kate O’Donnell says, “Thank You, Science!
  • live from Los Angeles, Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.

Producing Saturday’s show will be Alex Jerri, Richard Norwood, John Serafin and the aforementioned ‘Thunderball.’




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    I wish I could understand what the fuck Kate O’Donnell is saying. The content of her commentary may be cool, but her lousy enunciation makes her segments impossible to follow.