Podcast for October 16th Shows


Your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz interviewed:

Our irregular correspondents were …

  • live from Denver, David ‘The Cynical Optimist’ Skalinder told us why he’s not a ‘Radical Pessimist’ – except for the upcoming election – and gave a different perspective on baseball and cricket.
  • live from Oakland, Elvis DeMorrow told us what’s happening in the Konspiracy Korner.
  • in-studio, Michael Roper of the Hopleaf, 5148 North Clark Street, talked beer.
  • Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth.
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    • nomsematiq

      really interesting interview with vltchek, great for getting a different perspective on china, a great reminder of how our own thought is subtly constrained by the information that is available to us, how being flooded with information on a given topic definitely isn’t the same thing as being afforded a good perspective. i was a bit disappointed that you didn’t get to more directly ask vltchek to respond to some of the common criticisms levelled against china: particularly issues like information censorship in china, uyghurs, and why the chinese government is so intransigent as to not consider the dalai lama to be as cute and fluffy as the rest of us do…