Podcast for Saturday, May 6, 2006 Shows

  • Ray McGovern, the CIA analyst who confronted Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld with questions concerning erroneous statements made by Rumsfeld in the run-up to war. Ray returned to This is Hell to discuss yesterday’s brouhaha, his recent writing and the work of his group, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.
    Watch the confrontation with Rummy and his thug supporters by clicking here.
  • journalist Bill Conroy, author of the book "Borderline Security: A Chronicle of Reprisal, Cronyism and Corruption in the US Customs Service," came on to discuss his recent reporting for Narco News on ‘The Bogota Connection,’ which reveals corruption by the DEA and other law enforcement agencies in Colombia. "Borderline" can be found at Narco News web site as well.
  • Lee Farris, senior organizer on estate tax policy at United for a Fair Economy (http://www.faireconomy.org/), and co-author of the new report, "Spending Millions to Save Billions," which shows how "eight families worth a total of $185.5 billion have financed and coordinated a 10-year effort to repeal the estate tax, a move that would collectively net them a windfall of $71.6 billion."
  • Brooklyn writer and activist Kenyon Farrow discussed his BlackCommentator.com piece, "Not Showing Up: Blacks, Military Recruitment and the Antiwar Movement." Kenyon is the co-editor of "Letters from Young Activists" (Nation Books). Kenyon served as the Southern Regional Coordinator for Critical Resistance, a prison abolition organization, and continues to work on the national organizing body. He has also served as an adult ally for FIERCE!, a queer youth of color community organizing project in New York City, and is the communications and public education coordinator with New York State Black Gay Network.

We also introduced our first ‘guest’ correspondent recruited from our supporting listeners. This week, it was Dan Litchfield, an engineer who will discuss cars and the automotive industry in general.

Our other correspondents were Jeff Dorchen who delivered his Moment of Truth, and Elvis DeMorrow of the Oakland based band No Doctors, will told us what’s rattling around the Konspiracy Korner.