Podcast for Saturday, April 22, 2006 Shows

  • Gidon Eshel, co-author with Pamela Martin, of the new study, "Diet, Energy and Global Warming," which suggests that what you eat has as much of an individual impact on global warming as the car you drive. Gidon is assistant professor of Physical Oceanography and Climate in the University of Chicago’s Department of Geophysical Sciences.
  • editor of The American Prospect (http://www.prospect.org) Michael Tomasky will talk with us about his article in May’s issue, "Party In Search Of A Notion," in which Michael argues that the Democrats electoral opportunity this Fall is far bigger than a few House and Senate seats if the Dems can recognize – and seize – this unique historical moment
  • Abdullah Al-Arian, son of Professor Sami al-Arian who was arrested and stood trial on eighteen counts of charges related to terrorism. Earlier that week, Dr. Al-Arian made a deal, pleading guilty on one charge which will lead to his deportation. Past This is Hell guest, and Georgetown University law professor David Cole, who defended Sami, said the plea is "consistent with a general pattern of overcharging in terrorism, and being unable to come up with the evidence to bear out their initial charges." Abdullah is also the nephew of another detainee picked up in the post 9-11 anti-terror sweeps, Mazen Al-Najjar. Abdullah also worked in the office of former US Congressman David Bonior.