Podcast for April 10 Shows


This past Saturday’s ‘Best of’ edition features a recording of ‘A Conversation with Greg Palast‘ featuring your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz from Friday, April 9, 2010, at Columbia College’s Film Row Cinema in Chicago’s South Loop.

You can listen here.

Other interviews from earlier this year that we played during Saturday’s ‘Best of’ broadcast include:

  • author Michael Lind on the ‘Tragedy of Obama’
  • writer Christopher Ketcham dissects the dangers of wireless
  • analyst Laura Carlsen visits ‘The Murder Capital of the World’
  • the Wall Street’s Journal’s Thomas Frank wonders ‘What’s the Matter with Democrats?’
  • economist Robin Hahnel guides us through the economic crisis
  • former Los Angeles Times reporter Terry McDermott looks at cable TV ‘news’
  • economist James K. Galbraith faces deficit phobia.



  • velvetmirror

    Congratulations for the program which I follow religiously every week since more than two years ago.

    I think Chuck has the best voice I've ever heard and even better it seems to be great intelligence backing it up which reflects in the quality of the questions and interviews overall.

    A wag of my finger to Jeff Dorchen “Moment of truth”. I don't know what happens in my mind when this program's segment goes on, but I can never remember what the hell was he talking about, I simply mentally disconnect, I suppose it's due to the lack of interest of the topics in that segment or the fashion they are described, but goes in one ear, out in the other and absolutely nothing stays in between.

    Greetings from Spain ( YES, it's in Europe not in South America, which it seems something many northamericans think, and NO, we don't sell neither eat burritos here )

    PS: On a totally unrelated note I think fast food it's killing northamerican citizens even more quickly than tobacco and also brings down their attention spam. Lack of regulations it's smashing middle class citizens and it's slowly going to kill you all.

  • No Mames Buey

    fyi – there's no Robin Hahnel or James Gailbraith in this mp3 podcast