Podcast for June 19 Shows


Your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz interviewed …

  • journalist and political analyst Vicken Cheterian works for the non-profit governance organization CIMERA, based in Geneva. Vicken’s recent writing includes, “Kyrgyzstan failing, and an arc of crisis.”
  • historian and journalist Andy Worthington, author of,  “The Guantanamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison,” talks about the state of America’s – and the world’s – secret prison complex and its detainees
  • Adam Hochschild, award-winnning author of the book,  “King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa” (Mariner Books). Adam’s other works include, “Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves,” (Mariner Books) and “The Mirror at Midnight: A South African Journey” (Mariner Books). who gives his perspective on blood, diamonds and the Democratic Republic of Congo – and he’ll talk about it in a way you’ve never heard before.

Dave Buchen, ‘Our Man in San Juan’, reported on the student demonstrations live from Puerto Rico.

Live from Philadelphia, Drew Colglazier latest installment of sports report was entitled, “Save Our Sonics.”

Dr. Krys Bigosinski, MD, live from WNUR’s studios. Krys explained how college sports hits even liberals where it counts: the wallet.

Jeff Dorchen delivered a Moment of Truth.




  • josh

    just heard Drew's sports report. Aren't the Green Bay Packers owned by the city? Why don't cities, as long as they're spending all that money anyway, just take ownership of the teams? Then the teams wouldn't leave and all the revenue would go into city coffers for schools and whatnot else. Seems like a suitably lefty solution.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZJTD2AN6SZVUEX7TAXGQRPXAMA Wana Care

    I tuned in to listen to Andy Worthington because I he has been is my hero. I now try everyday to write something about the innocent victims of Guantanamo concentration camp now having been there for almost 9 years. I also write to the father of the UK family of 4, Shaker Aamer, since I feel he should be the next victim reunited with his family since he has been scheduled to be released since 2007 and instead bee held in solitaire confinement for years. The politicians don't want people to do know that they are more humble and compassionate than the those who are using them for lies about why the US should get the oil from the Middle East. Not a great site for format with some important ideas, pictures and resources: wanacare.ning.com

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