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This is Hell! aired a live and completely uninterrupted four hour show todaySaturdaySeptember 24, 2011. However this isn’t it.

We’re trying something different, we are finally listening to you the listening audience and we’ll be breaking up the show into one segment per guest! Though this will take us sometime so don’t expect to see the podcast on Saturday evening anymore. We’ll shoot for Monday morning.

Let us know what you think!?

(If you are absolutely against this idea you can download the original full episode here, http://thisishell.net/shows/saturday-24-2011-on-this-is-hell/)




  • Jim Smith

    This is Hell just got “Zuckerberged.”  

    I love the show & very much enjoy listening to the full 4 hour show.  I live on the West Coast & I am not about to get up at 7:00 on Saturday.   Why not have the option to get the daily episodes or download the full broadcast?  This would let the people with shit bandwidth get the small installment & still allow those in the 21st Century to get the entire show.  This new deal is going on my lame list.  Thankfully, David Skalinder(the man has a good head on his shoulders) still backs up the show.  This is how I will be listening from now on unless the same jackass who decided to split up the podcast stops him.

  • DavidSkalinder

    Hey Jim,

    Lol, this time I actually know about / agree with what’s going on!  I think this is part of some larger changes which should result in the official podcasts being more regular and reliable (and findable!) in the long term, and which probably will include several options as you suggest…  But in the meantime, as the guys say, it’ll take them some time to try out the new stuff and make sure it’s viable and robust.

    The backups should still work, but I think the new official versions will be worth a try — give them a couple days and see what they come up with.  (Although of course you may have to reset your Hell-calendar to start on Monday rather than Saturday!)

    The really good news is that I think the producers will now be paying a lot more attention to getting the official podcasts working right, so once the kinks are worked out my backups should become a lot less useful (which was the goal all along)!

  • http://spencerthayer.tumblr.com Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer

    As a compromise here is the episode but we don’t want to clutter the RSS with two version of the show so it’ll only be downloadable from the site.

  • Graeme Miller

    any chance on having the complete show files and the individual program segments in separate rss feeds? i like the innovation of having program segments, i’d anticipate it’d be great for going back to old interviews that were particularly interesting, and also great for referring friends to interviews of interest to them. but having the complete show readily downloadable via rss is also extremely convenient.

  • Deacon

    hey, that’s a great idea.. this will give us the opportunity to choose to listen to stuff that does not suck as much as other subjective opinions.  you guys already suck less than 99% of the other political crap that’s out there.. so now your are going to suck even less.

    way to go.

  • Anonymous

    How about annotating the full podcast with bookmarks or chapters. kinda like an audio book format?

  • Jim Smith

    Thank you David.  Thanks for the response & your subversive activism!

  • http://twitter.com/YYSyd Yoshino

    I’d like to suggest/request that you begin to edit the tags (don’t care id2 or 3) on the mp3 files.   There are portable players that rely on the tags to display the program on screen.  At the very least please tag “name” and  “genre”.   You may also consider file names to be more informative as to content.  Your neighbors at Chicago public radio recently split their World View podcasts into segments but have not been too clever at differentiating the files.  WNYU Brian Lehrer does a good job of segmenting podcasts, except that they’ve got too long an intro that repeats for each program.  

    It is a good idea to segment a 4 hour program for those that listen on portable devices and lose their place mid program.

  • http://twitter.com/YYSyd Yoshino

    And the “genre” tag should be podcast.   The program name in the tag should not be duplicated or else it will cause confusion for the devices.  As a user of Sansa, Creative, and Apple portables, the suggestion is not that “wouldn’t it be convenient?”,  but rather that it would keep from having to edit the tags myself to use them on devices.

  • Amy Goodman

    Here is my take.
    I have been trying to find a way to listen to the
    podcast in my car throughout the week. My preferred method would be to
    put the show on a CD, but with the 4 hour show it’s impossible. I have
    tried with my mp3 player and auxiliary jack, but I have a delivery job
    and I don’t like leaving the player in my car. I like the show being
    broken up into four separate segments so then I can put it on a disk (70
    minutes). My problem is PLEASE put the podcasts in a completely
    seperate area of the site. This weeks show is mixed in with “the 9
    circles” and I notice most postings are not in chronological order. I
    find find myself scrolling down for items which are new and should be
    posted at the top. My suggestion would be to scrap this middle of the
    page stuff and just have a separate posting for each feature. This
    “calendar” posting, middle of the page concept just doesn’t work. Also I
    think on option of separate segments or full show would be great. The
    podcast is a main feature of the site it should have it’s own area.

  • DavidSkalinder

    Can you get close to what you want by clicking the “SHOWS” link at the top left?  ( http://thisishell.net/category/shows/ )?  I think that listing got a big improvement during the last redesign…

    I agree though that while the 9 circles is great, it is supplementary content that is in danger of swamping the site’s main content.  (I did like the old site’s alternative approach of featuring them as a sidebar.)  My hope is that now that daily podcasts provide a good incentive to keep people visiting regularly, it’ll no longer be necessary to have the 9 circles dominate the site quite so much.

  • Amy Goodman

    Any thoughts on getting the show on a disc so I can listen in the car? This would be my preferred method of listening to the show.  Someone told me to use a DVD-R (more storage space), but then someone told me it would not playback in the car. I download the full shows from your site as they always seem to be posted Saturday afternoon. Otherwise I may have to go with waiting till Monday and putting the show on 4 seperate CDR’s. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ll settle for the broken up segments on the T.I.H. site, but please continue to post the full show on yours.

  • http://spencerthayer.tumblr.com Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer

    Yeah David is correct. The front part of the site is a standard site aggregation. It will always display content based on the order it was posted. If you wish to find ONLY the podcast click “Shows” or visit http://thisishell.net/category/shows/. This will give you a page only related to the content you want.
    We can “stick” podcasts to the top of the site but I am pretty sure Chuck wants people to see the 9 Circles and four posts stuck to the top of the page will push the circles further down.

  • DavidSkalinder

    Yeah, I think it’s right that CDs are the only thing your car CD player will read… but man, you’ll go through a lot of CDs that way.  If your car has a tape deck then those headphone-to-tape converters (like http://www.amazon.com/Macally-PodTape-iPod-Cassette-Adapter/dp/B0001YXWNM ) work well; otherwise if I were you I’d go for a small transmitter that will let you broadcast a local FM signal from your mp3 player to your radio.  (I have the previous model of this one: http://www.ccrane.com/radios/fm-transmitters/fm-transmitter-2.aspx ; if it’s the same as mine, it can be easily modded to increase signal strength — http://www.outlawradio.us/CCrane_Mod.html )

    Hope this helps.  For mp3 listening, it’s best to have either a new car with a line in jack or an old car with a tape deck — the in between models with CD only are the worst!

  • MikeC.

    A confession…
    My guilty pleasure is paying $99.95 a year for the Steve Dahl podcast. I would be more than willing to pay a yearly, monthly or one time payment for T.I.H. To hear something I enjoy with no commercials is an expense I’m willing to absorb. You would have to work out a lot of your technical issues. I think Chuck could eventually break-off from WNUR completely. People will initially bitch, but there is an economic reality involved in maintaining a site and doing a show. See how the sidebar donation works, have Chuck discuss the costs briefly on air. Maybe start out with an option of paying. You have to pay for everything now a days. Even if you got 1,000 people to pay a minimal monthly installment. I’m sure it would help tremendously.     

  • DavidSkalinder

    Lol, just now noticed your comment about the auxiliary jack.  So… just take your mp3 player with you when you leave the car I guess?  Otherwise head over to the shows link and burn a CD every day!…