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Erik Loomis: “Corporations since the 1970s have organized, and lobbied, and used power in very blunt ways in order repeal the labor regulations and the environmental regulations that Americans demanded through the 20th century.”

Historian Erik Loomis explains how corporate power escaped half a century of regulations demanded by American people, and has spent decades recreating early 20th century working conditions in countries around the world.

Erik is author of the book Out of Sight: The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe available now from The New Press.

Erik Loomis is an assistant professor of history at the University of Rhode Island.



Dahr Jamai: “Whether it’s going to be the Larsen B, or the Arctic ice cap going, or Larsen C, or when Miami goes completely underwater – I would hope at least one of these is going to finally be the bottom that people have to hit to wake up and start responding accordingly.”

Journalist Dahr Jamail reports back from the front of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption – and sees ice-free poles, California collapsing into drought and fire, and a political system unable and unwilling to even slightly change the destructive course we’re watching ourselves follow.

Dahr posted the recent Truthout articles ”Imminent” Collapse of the Antarctic Ice Shelf and a ”New Era” in the Arctic  and Destroying What Remains: How the US Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic.

Dahr Jamail is a Truthout staff reporter.


Justin Elliott: “What we heard again and again from people who worked on the Red Cross’s Haiti program is that a lot of its problems were of its own making, and many of them flowed from the fact that they had never been in Haiti and they didn’t have experience doing international development work.”

Journalist Justin Elliott investigates Red Cross claims about its work in Haiti, and finds empty promises and inflated claims made by an organization with too much money and too little knowledge of the country and situation it was trying to fix.

Justin co-authored the ProPublica report How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes.

Justin Elliott is a reporter for ProPublica.



Brian Foley: “I’ve had various jobs, and I’ve been bullied before. And at the time, I remember thinking it was just the job, and I remember thinking that I’m not the kind of guy who gets bullied.”

Lawpagandist Brian Foley examines the legal and labor issues around bullying in the workplace, explains why we’re often so slow to recognize unfair treatment and harassment, and how new legislation is seeking to address workplace bullying.

Brian J. Foley is a lawyer, comedian and the author of A New Financial You in 28 Days! A 37-Day Plan.



Patrick Bond: “I was kind of sorry to see Blatter make the announcement that he’s bowing out, because he really has served brilliantly as the personification of the elite that takes so much, and gives so little, and yet has support of other elites.”

Political economist Patrick Bond follows the complex web of money and favor that guides FIFA’s World Cup selection process, ties the group’s corruption of Africa’s illicit financial flows, and explains why Sepp Blatter was the perfect, unrepentant face for a system dedicated to extracting massive profits from already inequal countries.

Patrick wrote the TeleSur article FIFA Fraud, Africa’s Corruption and Elite Silence.

Patrick Bond is a political economist based at the University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Development Studies in Durban, where he directs the Centre for Civil Society.



Jeff Dorchen: “You say you can’t get something for nothing? Look at your own body and mind. That’s a free lunch right there. You started life being given a free lunch. What did you do to deserve it? That’s the wrong question! Go back to the free lunch. Proceed from there.”

Inspired by David Graeber’s audio series on debt, Jeff Dorchen dusts off Human Credit from the good ideas pile, and makes the case for valuing humans for their innate humanity, not how much money they don’t have.

Do you think he brought us a present from India? I mean besides himself and a new Moment of Truth.