849: Seven Conversations About Race in America Shows


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Seven conversations in four hours from eleven years of discussions of race in America, featuring historians, radicals, academics, writers and economists.


Writer Larry Tye examines the lives and legacy of Pullman porters, from Reconstruction to Civil Rights movement leaders. (2004)

Activist Larry Pinkney critiques the un-indentity politics behind President Obama’s election. (2008)

Author Edward Rhymes examines America’s racial double standard when it comes to misogyny and racism. (2007)

Writer Glen Ford condemns the complicity of the Black political class in upholding the NSA surveillance of Americans. (2013)

Writer Bruce Dixon warns that liberal solutions to police abuse in Ferguson and across America are already broken. (2014)

Economist Janelle Jones explains why investing in higher eduction doesn’t pay off for black workers. (2013)

Jeff Dorchen uses biblical history to show why Humpty Dumpty was in fact a black man. (2013)