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  • Elvis DeMorrow surveys the modern history of elite child sex abuse, from crimes to coverups.


Chris Woods: “The problem we had with Yemen is that the US tended to view the country only through US domestic counter-terrorism issues, and somewhere along the line, we lost the fact that this was a struggling, poor nation, with lots of radical factions, that needed a heck of a lot more stuff going on to stabilize it.”

Journalist Chris Woods explains how drones hijacked US foreign policy – from our new military dependence on extrajudicial killings, to the CIA’s efforts to maintain the drone program at the cost of political stability abroad – and why secrecy fuels America’s newest global war.

Chris is author of the new book Sudden Justice: America’s Secret Drone Wars.

Chris Woods is an investigative journalist and leader of the Airwars.org project.


Stacia L. Brown: “Will I look back at this moment and think it was a turning point? I’m not so sure right now. I really don’t think that a whole lot of change is going to come just from this situation. But I do think that change is possible, and that yesterday was the first step in the right direction.”

Live from Baltimore, writer Stacia L. Brown talks about politics and protest in the wake of Freddie Gray’s killing, from the media’s distorted portrait of her city, to the parallel legal reality of life in inner city America, and explains why she’s hopeful, but skeptical, about the prospects of justice for Freddie Gray and reform for Baltimore’s police force.

Stacia’s latest writing is Dispatch from Baltimore: Praying for Peace and Living Another Reality for The Nation and Looking While Black for The New Republic.

Stacia L. Brown is a Baltimore-based freelance writer.



Jennifer Carlson: “Are guns an abstract thing that you see in movies and news reports, or is a gun the kind of thing you carry on your person, something that you are intimate with? That is the key to unlocking this great divide between Americans. About a third of Americans have never shot a gun, and about a third of American households own guns. That gap is really telling in terms of how we’re divided about guns.”

Sociologist Jennifer Carlson explains how gun ownership influences notions of identity, citizenship, and safety among carriers and communities, and explores the deeper issues of gun politics that get lost in Second Amendment debates.

Jennifer’s new book is Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline.

Jennifer Carlson is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto.



Elvis DeMorrow surveys the modern history of elite child sex abuse, from crimes to coverups.

We’ve been waiting months for this segment, it’s probably going to be a memorable one.



Salma Kahale: “For many Syrians, the Assad regime and ISIS are two sides of the same coin. And we do believe that there is another choice, and that we can have freedom and democracy, and that we don’t have to choose between extremists or a totalitarian regime.”

Peace activist Salma Kahale talks about the struggle for peace in Syria, from the false choice between totalitarian regime and religious extremism, to the importance of international diplomacy in establishing a civil society for all Syrians, and explains why the first step to a safer Syria is stopping Assad’s barrel bombs.

Salma is one of the organizers behind the campaign Planet Syria, and director of the Syrian NGO Dawlaty.



Jonathan Maunder: “We’re all directors of the company. There’s no tiers whatsoever. We all have a completely equal say. We’re all on equal pay now as well.”

Huw Lemmey: “We want some radical, progressive and leftist ideas to spread. That’s our real imperative.”

Jonathan Maunder and Huw Lemmey from the publishing collective Zed Books drop by the studio to talk about their transition to a horizontal business structure, the future of books in the digital present, and what we’ll be reading and talking about in 2015.

Jonathan Maunder and Huw Lemmey are Directors of Communication at Zed Books.