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We’re celebrating 14 years of Noam Chomsky answering our phone calls by playing the best of Chuck’s conversations with Noam from the past 14 years.

Chuck will be back next week for another live episode. But listen to today, it’ll be great we promise.




  • meathead88

    Thank you. I could listen to Noam all day.

  • meathead88

    Any way to post additional Noam interviews on website for those of use who are not facebookers?

  • http://www.thisishell.com/ Alexander Jerri

    All the interviews aired (plus two more) will be up at the end of the week!

  • neo_m

    I’ve checked several times now. Are the “extra” interviews included in the podcast? It’s easy for me to say, I appreciate having separate files for each interview. It makes them easier to share specific points with others. Is there another place to look for separate pods per interview? Sorry! Easy for me to ask, probably hours of work for you! Thanks for keeping this great show going!!!