793: Historical Blindness Shows


March 29th – Those who forget past episodes are doomed to listen to repeats of them. And you definitely forgot these interviews, because I just dug them out of the archives. They’re dusty but still worth something. History never gets old, so here’s four hours of old interviews with historians about historical histories. Oh yeah Chuck is sick by the way.


Charles Mann explores North America right before it all went South.

Originally broadcast December 12, 2007

David Gibbs explains Afghanistan to America 4 days after 9/11.

Originally broadcast September 15, 2001

Seth Rosenfield spots a young Ronald Reagan in an early role as anti-free speech narc.

Originally broadcast June 15, 2002

Astra Taylor reports from the conservative’s vision of 1960s America.

Originally broadcast June 3, 2006

Bruce Cumings steps over the trip-wires to explain why North Korea is all North Koreaish.

Originally broadcast January 18, 2003

Gerard Prunier follows colonialism’s ghost across the continent of Africa.

Originally broadcast March 14, 2009



Producer Alexander Jerri eats his mung bean noodle salad and calls everyone who pledged during Phonathon to make sure they actually are getting their premiums.