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January 25th – We could talk for hours about how to dismantle the state, promote peace in Syria and ensure a healthy food supply for all, but we won’t because people need to play basketball on the radio. We have 100 minutes. Chuck Mertz makes at least most of those minutes count.





Hilary Wainwright: “Corporations are the anti-market forces. Small businesses competing with each other can produce a real market mechanism, but that needs protecting by the state.”

Every school that gets privatized, every trade deal that drives wages down, every law written by an economic interest is evidence of the neoliberal policies governing our lives. But you’ll never hear that word said on television or radio, as critique or even just to label what’s happening in society. Chuck and Hilary Wainwright make up for lost time, since that’s almost all they talk about in this discussion. Hilary wrote State of Counter-power: How understanding neoliberalism’s cultural underpinnings can equip movements to overthrow it for the Transnational Institute’s 2014 State of Power report. Read it first, then listen to this discussion of how to defeat a thing that almost nobody admits exists.

Hilary Wainwright is the editor of Red Pepper magazine and a Fellow at Amsterdam’s Transnational Institute. Her books include Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy and the classic Arguments for a New Left: Answering the Free Market Right, both of which should be on every activist’s bookshelf.

Transcript from AntiDote Zine


Robert Parry: ‘The Washington Post has evolved into the neocon media flagship. It played that role during the Bush years, it’s continuing that role now.”

Remember when the President used selectively-picked intelligence to justify a military strike on a demonized foreign leader and the mainstream press reported on that intelligence pretty much without skepticism or journalistic diligence? 2013 seems so long ago… Not to the Washington Post Opinion page editors, according to Robert Parry. Robert just posted Neocons Take Aim at Syrian Peace Talks over at Consortiumnews. He talks with Chuck about how a missile went from front-page casus belli to 18th paragraph retraction, and the war cheerleaders who keep flunking recent history.

Investigative reporter Robert Parry is editor of Consortiumnews. His most recent book is America’s Stolen Narrative, the third in a trilogy on the history of the two Bush presidencies and their disastrous impact on the world. All three books are available now on Robert’s site.

See also: Seymour Hersh on 12/14/2013


Lina Khan: “That’s another worry – that farmers could be living in a world where they’re all paying different prices because Monsanto has more information about them.”

Monsanto is on the verge of harvesting a bumper crop of data on American farms. This could go one of two ways – either the agricultural giant helps farmers produce more crops more efficiently for the benefit of everyone, or the corporation uses the data to extract as much money from trapped farmers by selectively pricing seeds according to individual farms’ profit margins and then selling that same data to commodity traders, controlling the price of food in the present and future. Policy Analyst Lina Khan is a lot more fair about this in her articles Monsanto’s Scary New Scheme: Why Does It Really Want All This Data? for Salon and Personal Pricing, Like Really Personal for The Weekly Wonk. She talks with Chuck about the future of farms and food.

Lina Khan is a Policy Analyst at the New America Foundation’s Markets, Enterprise, and Resiliency Initiative. She researches the concentration of power in America’s political economy and reports on agricultural, industrial, and financial markets, and the laws that shape them.


Producer Alexander Jerri uses his 100 minutes to research rice bran pickling.