Who is the celebrity that you would like as a guest on ‘This is Hell!’? Questions From Hell!


The Question From Hell! for you, our listening audience is … who is a celebrity you would like to hear interviewed on ‘This is Hell!’? Keep in mind that it should be a celebrity you believe we’d actually have a shot at having on the air.




  • http://twitter.com/billyoc Billy O'Connor

    Loren Goldner
    Doug Henwood
    Louis Proyect

  • tommy_g

    Annie Lennox
    Steve Earle
    Dweezil Zappa
    John Cleese

  • Robb923

    1. Sean Penn
    2. Tim Robbins
    3. Susan Sarandon

  • Sdbburg

    Justin Bieber

  • Dick

    Rachel Barton Pine
    Professor Irwin Corey
    Larry the Cable Guy

  • Rex English

    Gregory Koger.

    Who the Hell is Gregory Koger you ask? Sentenced this past week to one year in prison for trespass, resisting arrest, & assaulting a police officer last year at Ethical Humanist Society in Skokie. Judge ruled that taking pictures with a cell phone is trespassing. Appears that it is ok now to beat up, mace, hospitalize, & lock up a Communist if anyone complains about their presence in a space open to the public. More at http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1170/action/gregory-koger

    PS. Would Chuck like a video I took of him at EHS when he spoke there?

    PPS. Great show today with Noam.

    Rex English


  • Lmccad1

    David Cross

  • Jv000

    George Clooney

    Matt Damen

    Natalie Portman

  • Lmccad1

    Trey Parker & Matt Stone

  • Lmccad1

    Tavis Smiley


  • Chris

    I would like Spider Jerusalem- fearless outlaw journalist for 'The Word' ( and probably decsended from Chuck Mertz). He even says 'This is Hell' on page 78 of Transmetroplitan -The Dirge

  • Chris Tups

    Or George Carlin

  • Frknl

    Lady Gaga!

  • Jmclaren

    i was going to say Jon Stewart but i guess he is too busy pimping himself out to Oprah

  • tommy_g

    Hey Chuck, I suppose I don't know why you'd want to interview Annie Lennox but I know why I'd like to hear her interviewed–because she's a passionate activist:
    Annie Lennox @ Free Gaza Demo, London 10 Jan 2009
    Al Jazeera talks to Aids activist Annie Lennox

    John Cleese has never shied away from expressing his political views:
    John Cleese vs Extremism

  • tommy_g

    Brian Eno

    Seriously. The guy is way brilliant. Check out his essay on The Big Here and The Long Now:

    And listen to some of the podcasts of some of the seminars at the Long Now.Foundation (http://www.longnow.org/seminars/). Great stuff there. Maybe not the usual fare for TIH, but fascinating perspectives nonetheless.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UOTSH4BDY6AGENMAUUS3T3EYRE Eric

    Billy Connolly

  • YY

    How ’bout Amy Goodman. Since you appear to have issues with her, it could end up being very entertaining. Then again it could be hellish. You can at least thank her SO MUCH for showing up.

  • http://twitter.com/yakyaker John McFall

    I’ve only been listening to you for a few months but I can’t find, via a search of thisishell.net that you have had any of these five: Shai Agassi, Jimmy Dore, Dante Chinni, George W. Bush, T. Boone Pickens. And David Rovics.

  • Rdhhf56

    Ornette Coleman.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Fuck celebrities most of them should be murdered.

  • Q_the_physicist

    i like the amy goodman idea though it might turn into a slugfest

  • Matthewhallinan

    I think Raymond Pettibon would have to be interesting.

  • Dj432

    How about David Simon? He was great on Bill Moyers (though I know that’s the last thing you want to hear).

  • Airouh45

    Norman Finkelstein

  • Jimmi

    Amy Goodman. Get her to say: “Millions of soldiers.”

  • Jimmi

    Amy Goodman. Get her to say: “Millions of soldiers.”

  • NotYou

    hey Chuck,

    i’d really like to hear interviews with these people;

    Paul Mooney
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Thom Yorke
    James Randi
    Derren Brown
    Mark Steel

    documentary filmmakers Adam Curtis & Nick Broomfield
    i also like the John Cleese suggestion and Gore Vidal, if you haven’t interviewed him yet

  • song hee young

    does that mean jenny mccarthy’s out? because that lioness is on the biotech prowl! ok, how about you interview arundhati roy and naomi klein—naked? in a kind of, leftwing, dreamteam, menage a trois, airwave stylin…add michel hussain as the moderator, and you’ve got miami heat type triple threat stuff.

    really: would nudity change their perspectives, subtly? (an aside: why does “subtle” have a “b” in it? and not, say, cuttlefish?) would naomi move to the left? would arun suddenly shift positions? (she has really great hair; i wonder if she smells like patchouli).

    anyway, never underestimate the influence of clothing on a person’s politcal economic worldview. it is said that the oslo accords were crafted in a finnish steambath.

    for real though: put me on the show with christine o’donnell on and we can do a live one. on, well, whatever she’s thinking at the moment. you see chuck, i’m not like most people. i am a witch.

  • Julian

    Jimmy Wales

  • Julian

    Jimmy Wales

  • Loo Loo

    Brian Eno! Surely he’s not unattainable.

  • Sorefeets2

    Russ Feingold please. Cockburn is pushing him as a presidential candidate.

  • Remus

    Spider Jerusalem is a cartoon character in Warren Ellis’ comic book series Transmetropolitan. Afraid it might be a bit hard to get audio from the dude.

  • George

    Brian Eno would be a great guest. It would be good if you guys had a weekly segment about art and music.
    Here is some acid funk to remind you of what Eno is capable of.