What would you like to to hear your host Chuck Mertz asked during a live interview? Questions From Hell!


The Question From Hell! for you, our listening audience is … What would you like to hear asked to – and answered by – your bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz?

Irregular correspondent and producer Krys Bigosinski will be interviewing Chuck live on the Saturday, August 21 broadcast of This is Hell! that morning, Chuck will be interviewed over-the-phone while he is on his annual family vacation to a lake in northern Michigan.

Either post your response here in the comment section below, on our Facebook fan page Wall or Discussion Board or you can email it to thisishell@wnur.org.




  • 420

    My weed connect just moved out of town. Where can I get a quarter for $60 or less?

  • Deacon

    Does your face hurt?

  • rugburns499

    What interviewee has done the best job of challenging your beliefs?

    What do you think about voting for a third party? Is it simply throwing your vote away?

  • rugburns499

    Do you support the troops?

    When voting, am I obligated to rationally justify my vote, or is it okay to vote based on religion or gut instinct?

    What do you think is the future of the US economy?

  • sloov sloover

    If you could change one thing about “The Left” what would it be? Their gay-ass glasses?

  • Laddieo

    Does PBB in your body tissue help you float better?