What is your Monday morning quarterbacking for #Occupy? Questions From Hell!


The Question From Hell is back! This month’s Question From Hell for our listening audience is ‘what is your Monday morning quarterbacking for the #Occupy movement?

In American football, a ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ is a spectator who criticizes or passes judgment on the preceding weekend’s games. This analysis also often includes what the fan believes the teams should do in order to meet their goals.

So, what’s your criticism and/or judgment of #Occupy so far? What do you feel #Occupy can, can’t, should or shouldn’t do in order to meet their goal, which can generally be described as challenging global corporate power?

Your comments may refer to #Occupy as a whole or any specific Occupatiom.




  • Phillip Boyd Stevens

    The Occupiers will become an irrelevant sideshow unless they concentrate on voter registration and supporting sympathetic candidacies, then getting voters to the polls.  This is how the tea party took over the House.
    Occupiers need to remember that an Obama defeat in 2012 means the loss of an already fragile Supreme Court.

  • Chuck

    Phillip – while doing research for last few weeks shows, I came across an article saying the Occupy movement had actually endorsed some Democratic Party primary candidates. However, I can’t find that story right now. If and when I do – or if another visitor does – it’ll be posted here.

    Lil help anyone?

    That said, I have not heard of any voter drives. But voter drives are far more problematic given new regulations that have scared off most groups from participating in voter registration.

    Last week, two of our guests said they expect the Occupy movement to diminish as participants are lost to election campaigns, a complaint many activist groups share every four years.

  • Cian Oconnor

    I think everyone on the left needs to read Winner Takes All Politics by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson to understand the problem. Its not a problem that voting is going to solve.

    What OWS, and all of us, need to do is build new organisations that can put pressure on politicians at all levels to do the right thing. Unions used to do that, and revitalising unions might help, but that’s not enough.

    The other stuff that OWS needs to do they’re starting to do through direct actions. Which are fantastic.

  • Chuck

     By the way Cian, I see you posted at the LBO site that commenters there shouldn’t assume a comment attributed to me was actually posted my me.

    You were correct in assuming that post was fraudulent.

    This is a common occurrence for me. There are many 9/11 Truthers, supporters of the Democratic Party, and nearly everyone on the right who have worked hard to sully my name in public.

    Luckily, the listeners of our show, like you, are bright enough to figure out when something is a hoax.

    Thanks again for all the support. 

  • Deaconstruchten


    Stop making the ridiculous, ignorant claim that people who are opposed to the Federal Reserve are Fascist. How can being opposed to an offshore, Private, corporate shareholder controlled bank make someone Fascist? Do the people on the left who push that idiocy realize how stupid they not only sound, but are? Stop lumping in Anti-Fed people with the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not even intelligent enough to understand this stuff.

    When they make such fundamental errors in understanding and then speak it publicly, it shows two things, ignorance, but also a severe disregard for the other people in your movement.. because eventually they are going to figure out they have been lied to and you are going to end up helping the Democratic Party continue to be successful in failing to not push forward the neo-con agenda.

    If the left cares so damn much about privatization, then why do they support the Federal Reserve and the IRS? Aren’t there other ways these services can be provided besides using partially offshore shareholder controlled private corporate entities?

    And, before the Tea Party makes ad hominem against the Occupiers, they should know that a higher percentage of Occupiers have jobs than the Tea Party protesters. Newt Gingrich is a parasite of epic proportions, -record-breaking- pork barrel proportions as Speaker, and ever since. He has no skills, he is not even good at being a political hack and he has no business telling anyone else to get a job.. what a clown that clown is.

    It is really important that the control freak parasitic elite ruling class keep everyone divided. That is why even among the rank and file on the streets they have their bottom feeder, loser minions on both the left and the right who are committed to categorizing the “other”.

    It’s arguable that anyone on the left who supports the FED and the IRS are more fascistic than any person who is against the FED and they don’t even realize it. Supporting other organizations like those is a fundamentally fascist belief, why is it any different in this case?.. There are other ways to deal with currency, and other ways to generate revenue for operating a service oriented government without lobbying, where there is no insider trading by lawmakers who make a reasonable salary that we do not pay them for life, and by not allowing non-voters or non-voting entities to make “contributions” than by using those two institutions. We could probably raise enough money in other ways, and not even have any income tax, and manage the whole thing much more efficiently than the IRS can, what with their violence and their guns and their lack of decorum, in general. Take it out on the front end instead. This actually creates the conditions to remove that whole section of bureaucracy from govt.


    Stop unleashing old ladies and high school girls on the poor defenseless Police, it really is very unseemly, really, good lord.