Breaking down Yemen’s breakdown / How university conduct codes threaten free speech pod

Middle East scholar Sheila Carapico explains Yemen’s descent into chaos and conflict. Sheila’s latest writing is Two Resolutions, a Draft Constitution and Late Developments for the Middle East Research and Information Project.   Live in studio, John K. Wilson examines the flexible morality behind university codes of conduct. John writes at the Academe Blog and Read more

Go pub yourself Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: Everything you need (including free ISBNs) to publish your work and thumbing your nose at the big pub houses.

848: Divisionaries Shows


Druglife in the suburbs / University conduct codes vs free speech / Breaking down Yemen’s breakdown / Corruption at the DEA’s head / Migration in the border regime age / Dorchen vs Khan

Gun carriers in an age of decline / Catching up with elite child predators pod

Sociologist Jennifer Carlson explains how gun ownership influences notions of identity, citizenship, and safety among carriers and communities, and explores the deeper issues of gun politics that get lost in Second Amendment debates. After a mysterious absence, Elvis DeMorrow returns to the Konspiracy Korner and makes up for lost time, with shout outs to David Read more

Power and protest in Baltimore / A lesson in radical publishing pod

Live from Baltimore, writer Stacia L. Brown talks about politics and protest in the wake of Freddie Gray’s killing, from the media’s distorted portrait of her city, to the parallel legal and economic realities of life in inner city America. Stacia’s latest writing is Dispatch from Baltimore: Praying for Peace and Living Another Reality for Read more

847: Clash and Carry Shows


How drones changed warfare and diplomacy / A view from the streets of Baltimore / Gun carriers in an age of decline / Elite child predators / A plan for peace in Syria / A lesson in radical publishing

Doodly! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: A sort of flashback to the days of Flash, but without Flash.  Just good old fashioned ray traced doodle fun times.

846: Confliction Shows


Surveying World Bank damage / Under and after sanctions in Iran / The culture wars revisited / Not talking about climate change / War is peace / I, Zombie

Roll up some research papers Website of the Week

URL Labs Website Of The Week: “Futurity features the latest discoveries by scientists at top research universities in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The nonprofit site, which launched in 2009, is supported solely by its university partners in an effort to share research news directly with the public.”

845: Racketology Shows


The means of reproduction / Tracking the the globe’s financial racketeers / Challenging the myths of the ultra-rich / How racism entered mainstream politics / Ghostwriting the oil industry

844: Statelines Shows


Three hours of recent clips exploring the limits of state power / A live interview with a striker from Fight for $15