818: Žižek Shows


Philosopher Slavoj Zizek talks for an hour about basically everything from the failures of Western democracy to chocolate cake.

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URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://documentarystorm.com/ From the website:  ”…the leading source for 100% free documentary films. We curate the best documentary films available online for educational purposes as well as personal enjoyment.”  

816: The Ruling Clasp Shows


New Black leadership / Your risk, Wall Street’s reward / The case against football / PLUS: Russia and the Hungarian right, Black suburbs after and beyond Ferguson, and Jeff Dorchen’s WW3 campfire party.

815: ISIS Management Shows


Muckraking the globe / The roots of ISIS / History and science and booze / PLUS: The NRA’s racial double standard, Canada’s oily rightward shift, Beer’s naming crisis and the narcissism of violence (part two)

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