Screw Henry Ford…Everyone’s an inventor! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week:  Alligator clip your world!   This is yet another great idea out of the MIT Media Lab… and it fits right in to their Lifelong Kindergarten project.  I must have one now! Here is a YouTube video showing a few of the possibilities.

Say Cheese! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: An entertaining, informative blog covering a wide array of photography topics.

Got a light? Website of the Week

  URL Lab’s Website Of The Week: Green Light Planet is an American company offering innovative, affordable lighting and power solutions to places on the globe without existing power grids.  Their products also happen to rock and win tons of awards for design and smartness and such.

793: Historical Blindness Shows


America, 1491 / Afghanistan, 911 / Reagan – free speech narc / the conservative 60s / North Korea primer / mid-post-colonial Africa