Wikileaking US involvement in Latin America / Audit the Greek debt pod

CEPR’s Dan Beeton exposes the hidden side of US involvement in Latin America.

Dan Beeton is a contributor to The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire from Verso Books.
Activist Fanny Malinen examines the “illegitimate, illegal and odious” nature of Greek debt.

Fanny wrote the Red Pepper article Breaking with creditors’ power: the importance of the Greek debt audit.

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URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: The Singing Wells project (SWP) is a collaboration between Abubilla Music, a record label in London and Ketebul Music in Kenya, a non-profit organization committed to identifying, preserving and promoting the diverse music traditions of East Africa. You can also learn about the the 1950s field recordings by Hugh Tracey, who captured Read more

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URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: A pretty awesome free, online animation tool for kids… or anyone else interested in free online animation tools.

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