843: Retropolitan Shows


Spain’s future via Latin America / Multilevel climate challenges / What kind of threat is Venezuela? / The battle for Iraq / The Maple Spring reloads / Joni Mitchell is not your puppet

Prog Nerd News Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://opednews.com Site quote: “…a non-partisan, non-profit, bottom-up, progressive / liberal news, opinion, op-ed media site, activism tool and blog community.”

842: Economics Decree Shows


London School of Economics: Occupied / Fighting after Ferguson / Understanding violence in Honduras / The laziness of long hours / Climate psychology / TedxLewinsky

841: No Men, No Masters Shows


Striking for female supremacy / Smartphone as commodifier / Macedonian surveillance bombs / Brazilian coups / David Graeber on bureaucracy / Dorchen on cartoons.

Pow…to the Moon! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://lunar.xprize.org/ Home of Google’s Lunar X-Prize.  20 million goes to the grand prize winner to help us make it back to the moon – for good this time.

840: Overhead Press Shows


Information is the CIA’s new political weapon / Sinn Féin forward / How ISIS impacts Middle East politics / Pre-scandal Hungary / The rise of drones / The blonde the fat and the swarthy.

839: Green Screen Shows


Liberals won’t fix Ferguson / fash-iz-uh m / Environmentalism’s image problem / Jury nullification explained / DC/Silicon Valley and you / Access Bollywood

Detekt the detective Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: https://resistsurveillance.org/ Home of Detekt, open source software released in partnership with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International to provide researchers, human rights workers, journalists and others who  are targets of unlawful surveillance with the means to easily test their computers for known spyware from governments and other sources.