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9:15 - Media analyst Anya Schiffin reveals actual good news on the state of global investigative journalism.

Anya edited the century-spanning book Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Reporting from Around the World, and wrote more about investigative reporting in her TomDispatch piece The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism: From Asia to Africa to Latin America, Muckrakers Have Corrupt Officials and Corporate Cronies on the Run.  

9:50 - Our resident Lawpagandist, Brian Foley wonders what's stopping all the good guys with guns.

Brian just wrote the piece The NRA's Double Standard for CounterPunch.  

10:20 - Montreal's own Valerie Bergeron explains what she did on her summer vacation in Washington DC.

We've only seen the Instagrams, we're excited to get her perspective on the home of / problem with American politics.  

10:50 - Journalist Patrick Cockburn searches through the roots of Western policy mistakes for the origins of ISIS.

Patrick's newest book is The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising - you can read an excerpt at CounterPunch.  

11:30 - Michael Roper warns us about the beer industry's looming label crisis. BLACK pale ale?

Michael will also talk about the Hopleaf's charity event Kegs for Kids, happening next Sunday.  

12:00 - In Chuck's most personal interview ever, Wired's Adam Rogers explains the science of alcohol.

Adam wrote the book Proof: The Science of Booze, which might explain why Chuck shows up to the show looking like he does.  

12:40 - In the second part of a series on violence, Jeff Dorchen keeps poking narcissism in the eye with a sharp stick.

Seems like an ironic way to address violence though right?Read More...
  • walter raczynski

    THE U.S. CONGRESS PATRIOT PROTECTION LIBERTY ACT Whearas, The Congress having protected the American People by removing obstacles from individual firearm ownership, including the unduly burdensome and unpatriotic requirement for background checks: now deigns to assert the same fundamental rights to itself in the environs when in session, in committee, while executing their duties to the American people while in the Congressional office buildings, while campaigning and or fundraising, while at their residences, and to include those toiling at the offices of their consorts in the K-street region.
    Just a thought…the hilarity would be mega awesome!

  • Gerald Pechenuk

    Serious Suggestion: With the situation blowing up and out of control in Ukraine, at this very moment, as I write this, it would
    be wise to bring together a serious discussion of the threat of World War III, and what can and must be done to prevent that from occurring.
    I think you have a roster of people who you have had on previously, such as Paul Craig Roberts, who are well qualified to discuss this, and
    I can help assist getting others that you might want to have on. Take care, Gerald Pechenuk at

  • Brian Foley

    Great interview with Glennon. Re unelected gov’t – I’m in middle of reading the amazing book, JFK and the Unspeakable (2008), by James W. Douglass. I heartily recommend it. Unelected government problem undoubtedly has grown only worse in the ensuing 50 years.

  • Peter Swayze

    Q. What do you like about the right?
    A. I like lots of crazy people.

  • jim chin

    who’s the anti-semite on your show? is he finkelstein’s boyfriend? i’m joking…my own sister and some of our mutual friend’s have asserted that just discussing israel/palestine is anti-semetic; “why are you obsessing about a tiny nation? you must hate jews…” but this ignores the attention that israel’s own supporters have brought to their occupation. the fact is the entire project is a relic of colonial reality, a settlement by europeans that reduces native populations to second class citizens. sadly.

  • Mocando

    Let me also agree with Brian Foley here. I would also thoroughly recommend JFK and The Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W Douglass. It is the best book by far that I have read about the JFK assassination. The exhaustive research that Douglass underwent whilst writing this book is incredible. He marshals a dizzying array of compelling evidence to mount a very persuasive case. The pages stick to your fingers like glue and you will think about it nearly every day longer after you close the final page. Brilliant. A must read.
    Interestingly the book comes highly recommended by the likes of United Nations Special Rapporteur Richard Falk, Martin Sheen, Oliver Stone, Yoko Ono, John Perkins, Mark Lane and most tellingly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  • IndyRadio

    Has Todd been to Sacramento? It’s a long way from Bakersfield ;)

  • IndyRadio

    Too bad there’s nothing secret about the

    architecture revolution *********** from J**** M********** above, or I’d pass it along to John Young
    since architecture is his “day job”. His most recent broadside is becoming true, though his meaning is sometimes hard to decipher: “So, definitely, Snowden documents will be released in July.
    If the contending parties have their way, all of the documents will be
    released to kickstart the war on terrorism (?), in Iraq, in Iran, in North
    Korea, in the Holy Land, across Africa, Caribbean Drug Sea, the
    US-Mexican border, and the areas of operations always on alert in DC,
    Fort Meade and Colorado Springs.”

  • Jeffrey Dorchen