858: NOXI Shows


Greek betrayal / Burmese dissent / Addiction is not a disease / Apocalypse soon / Entrepreneurial diplomacy training wheels

HEY…Neil! Think think Star Wars! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of the Week: http://wilcoworld.net/ Old Man, Neil Young recently yanked all of his music from all streaming services.  Wilco just released their entire new album called Star Wars for free online. Even if the whole damn thing stinks, maybe Neil should consider doing something like this instead of just whining… boohoo0, old Read more

857: Demolitionism Shows


A guide to the Iran talks / Constructing structural inequality / The forever strike / Art in a capitalist showroom / ISIS in the Balkans / Good Cop rerun

Independence from America’s founders / Land conflicts in Asian oceans pod

Historian David Sehat explains why Americans should declare independence from the founding fathers.

David is author of The Jefferson Rule: How the Founding Fathers Became Infallible and Our Politics Inflexible from Simon & Schuster.

Live from Seoul, Marc Flury reports on land conflicts happening across Asia’s oceans.

In addition to disputed Asian islands, we’ll be talking with Marc about his upcoming video game THUMPER.

Wikileaking US involvement in Latin America / Audit the Greek debt pod

CEPR’s Dan Beeton exposes the hidden side of US involvement in Latin America.

Dan Beeton is a contributor to The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire from Verso Books.
Activist Fanny Malinen examines the “illegitimate, illegal and odious” nature of Greek debt.

Fanny wrote the Red Pepper article Breaking with creditors’ power: the importance of the Greek debt audit.

856: Founder’s Fee Shows


Asia’s (is)land grabs / Wikileaking US involvement in Latin America / How the drug war became a war / Independence from America’s founders / Greek debt examined / Independence addition