835: Graftwork Shows


Syriza’s win translated / Guantanamo murder exposed / Severed heads explained / Chicago sold off / PLUS: Indigenous land rights won, and elitism for everyone.

Crowdsourcing innovation Website of the Week

URL Lab’s Website Of The Week: http://www.innocentive.com/ Open cash prize tech challenges from groups like NASA, DARPA, Scientific America, The Economist and more. Got an idea how NASA can repurpose dead weight jettisoned from Mars landers during entry and landing?  If you do it’s worth $20,000.

Mmmmm, good journalism! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://newstrust.net/ Quote from the site: “NewsTrust helps people find and share good journalism online, so they can make more informed decisions as citizens.  NewsTrust.net provides a wide range of tools that enable users to separate fact from fiction on important public issues. We promote good journalism, news literacy and Read more

834: Graying the Race Card Shows


Racism fuels austerity in Bulgaria / Racism fuels ideas about race / Boko Haram, Nigeria and Western misconceptions / PLUS: Priced out of civil law, Good news from Haiti and Bootstrapping the rich.

Nerdporn Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week:\ http://livescience.com/ Sister site of Space.com and another member of the Purch tech publishing group, this site constantly brings quality science and tech news to the table.

833: Narc Shadows Shows


Foreign policy from the shadows / A history of police violence / A Greek vote against austerity / Global drug warstories PLUS: Beer giants melt down and the Pope’s coffee maker

832: Hackstory Shows


CIA secrecy on trial / Tropical Sadness / Burma’s resistance fighters / NYPD Union lessons / Running after Haiti’s quake / The free market’s final solution / Entropy loses steam

Stop wildlife parts trade Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://wildaid.org/ WildAid is dedicated to the end the illegal wildlife trade by focusing on the reduction of demand, and by employing high profile celebrities like Yao Ming and Jackie Chan and media savvy campaigns to stem demand for wildlife parts and products like shark fins and ivory.