Pow…to the Moon! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://lunar.xprize.org/ Home of Google’s Lunar X-Prize.  20 million goes to the grand prize winner to help us make it back to the moon – for good this time.

840: Overhead Press Shows


Information is the CIA’s new political weapon / Sinn Féin forward / How ISIS impacts Middle East politics / Pre-scandal Hungary / The rise of drones / The blonde the fat and the swarthy.

839: Green Screen Shows


Liberals won’t fix Ferguson / fash-iz-uh m / Environmentalism’s image problem / Jury nullification explained / DC/Silicon Valley and you / Access Bollywood

Detekt the detective Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: https://resistsurveillance.org/ Home of Detekt, open source software released in partnership with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International to provide researchers, human rights workers, journalists and others who  are targets of unlawful surveillance with the means to easily test their computers for known spyware from governments and other sources.

838: Undercoverup Shows


Gitmo2Chicago2Gitmo / Decoding Spy Cables / A TV guide to Vladimir Putin / Bomb trains blowing up everywhere / Swiss Leaks explained / Life’s narrator exposed

Fire it up Website of the Week

  URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://explosive-crude-by-rail.org Check out how close to a bomb train you are right now!  I am toast.  

837: Free Radicals Shows


Rojava vs the world / Eurozone blindness / Why Rahm wins / Israel’s occupation machine / PLUS: The blank face of God

Nuke yourself! Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://nuclearsecrecy.com/ Home of NukeMap 3D, their add-on to the Google Earth plug-in that let’s you see what various thermonuclear weapons would do to your very own neighborhood!

836: Circular Movement Shows


Podemos rises in Spain, The hidden dimension of corporate/state consolidation, PLUS: A Korean political party vanishes, Iran’s other Green movement, an insider’s guide to Carnaval and an Oscar acceptance speech from the snubbed.

835: Graftwork Shows


Syriza’s win translated / Guantanamo murder exposed / Severed heads explained / Chicago sold off / PLUS: Indigenous land rights won, and elitism for everyone.

Crowdsourcing innovation Website of the Week

URL Lab’s Website Of The Week: http://www.innocentive.com/ Open cash prize tech challenges from groups like NASA, DARPA, Scientific America, The Economist and more. Got an idea how NASA can repurpose dead weight jettisoned from Mars landers during entry and landing?  If you do it’s worth $20,000.