Podcast for Saturday, June 13, 2009 Shows

Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, the leading organization in the United States promoting alternatives to the war on drugs. Ethan is the author of 1993′s “Cops Across Borders,” which was the first scholarly study of the internationalization of US criminal law enforcement, and co-authored the 2006 book, Read more

Website of the Week for June 6, 2009 Website of the Week

http://wordsmith.org/anagram Here’s a lovely time waster… The Internet Anagram Server! Say youwant a new nom de plume for yourself, but you want it made out of yourreal name’s letters. Instead of wracking your brain for hours, let theInternet Anagram Server do it all for you in seconds. For instance, mynew alias is Modal Diode. Cool, Read more

Podcast for Saturday, June 6, 2009 Shows

Kim Bobo is the founder and executive director of Interfaith Worker Justice and a columnist for Religious Dispatches. Kim is the author of “Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid – And What We Can Do About It” (The New Press). American University assistant professor of anthropology David Vine, Read more

Website of the Week for May 30, 2009 Website of the Week

http://www.preview-online.com They probably should’ve called this site “trailers-online” …maybethey were afraid that too many truckers might get confused. I dunno.Whatever. If you wanna watch the latest trailers / “previews’ withoutan actual trip to your local movie theatre, go here. It’s all thevisual-aural hype without the stench of popcorn!

Podcast for Saturday, May 30, 2009 Shows

Interviews played during this special podcast – ‘The Very Best of Taylor Dearr ‘ – included: from April 15, 2008, Jeff Faux is founder and former president of the Economic Policy Institute (http://www.epinet.org/) where he is currently a distinguished fellow. Jeff’s most recent article as of this date was a piece in The Nation entitled, Read more

Website of the Week for May 23, 2009 Website of the Week

http://www.oneriot.com Here’s another one of those sites taking advantage of data flowingout of Twitter and similar services, and actually making use of it.This time as a realtime search engine. Here’s a quote from the site:”OneRiot crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and othersocial sharing services, then indexes the content on those pages inseconds. Read more

Podcast for Saturday, May 23, 2009 Shows

Phyllis Bennis is the Director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies and a fellow at the Transnational Institute. Phyllis is the author of several books including, “Ending the Iraq War: A Primer,” and, “Understanding the US-Iran Crisis: A Primer” (Interlink Publishing). This week, she wrote the article, “Netanyahu at the Read more

Website of the Week for May 16, 2009 Website of the Week

http://gearwire.com The ultimate site for music gear geeks. A quote from the site:”Since 2005, Gearwire.com is the musician’s daily source of gear news,how-to videos, product walkthroughs, artist interviews, and anythingelse related to music gear and its uses. Whether you are in a touringband, a home studio user, or working in any part of the music Read more

Website of the Week for May 9, 2009 Website of the Week

http://oddmusic.com From the site: “Showcasing unusual musical creations and sounds ofunique artists and artisans from around the globe… Odd music is hometo unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instrumentsand resources.” One of my favs is the crazyass Bubble Organ. This site’s been around since 1999! …as long as I’ve been doing this gig. Proof Read more

Podcast for Saturday, May 9, 2009 Shows

John Dunbar is the Center for Public Integrity’s lead writer/researcher on their new report, “Who’s Behind The Financial Meltdown?” John covered information technology and economics for the Washington, DC, bureau of The Associated Press. He was also an investigative reporter with the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville. attorney and investigator John Sifton is the Executive Director Read more