Friday, April 2 Nine Circles of Hell!

Friday, April 2nd Soldiers aren't the unfeeling killing machines their leaders try to create Boston Globe (4/1/10) Soldiers share thoughts on less-obvious conflicts Nancy Sherman, a Georgetown University professor, has spent her career working with soldiers on the moral and psychological issues that haunt them. Her nuanced book blends both her practical experience and her Read more

Thursday, April 1 Nine Circles of Hell!

Thursday, April 1st Big Pharma money buys weaker health care reform The Associated Press (3/29/10) Drug lobby's health care win Chalk one up for the pharmaceutical lobby. The U.S. drug industry fended off price curbs and other hefty restrictions in President Barack Obama's health care law even as it prepares for plenty of new business Read more

Wednesday, March 31 Nine Circles of Hell!

Wednesday, March 31st Cash-strapped communities end speed limit “cushion” USA Today (3/31/10) Speeding 'cushion' may dwindle due to recession The recession may be claiming a new victim: the 5-10-mph “cushion” police and state troopers across the USA have routinely given motorists exceeding the speed limit. As cities and states scramble to fill budget gaps with Read more

Tuesday, March 30 Nine Circles of Hell!

Tuesday, March 30th Less-educated whites oppose health reform but twice as likely to benefit (3/29/10) What's the matter with white people? Past This is Hell! guest Joan Walsh writes … Even though the Obama administration tried to stress the bill's benefits to all families — insurance for folks with preexisting conditions, restrictions on companies dropping Read more

Monday, March 29 Nine Circles of Hell!

Monday, March 29th What's best for US corporations ain't best for US worker In These Times (3/26/10) Globalization Marches On Past This is Hell! guest Noam Chomsky writes … Shifts in global power, ongoing or potential, are a lively topic among policy makers and observers. One question is whether (or when) China will displace the United Read more

Podcast for March 27th Shows

Our guests were: James K. Galbraith, author of the new book, “The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too” (Free Press). James holds the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Chair of Government/Business Relations at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, the University of Texas at Austin. He is Read more

Podcast for March 20, 2010 Shows

Our guests were: Lewis Lapham is editor of Lapham’s Quarterly and the former editor of Harper’s Magazine, Lewis is the author of, most recently, “Pretensions to Empire: Notes on the Criminal Folly of the Bush Administration” (New Press). This week, Lewis posted the Lapham's Quarterly article, “The Great White Whale in San Francisco Bay: Or How the Read more

Podcast for March 13 Shows

Our guests were: Melvin Goodman is the national security and intelligence columnist for Melvin's most recent writing at truthout includes, Too Much Bang, Bang: The Need to Demilitarize US 'National Security',” “The Secret History of Gen. Alexander Haig,” and the two-parter, “President Obama and the CIA: What Must Be Done,” and “CIA and Intelligence Community Read more

Podcast for Saturday, March 6, 2010 Shows

Saturday, March 6th, 'This is Hell!' airs a 100 minute broadcast beginning at 9 AM (US central) on WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, streaming live at, and podcast shortly after here. Our guests on tomorrow's abbreviated This is Hell! will be: Live from Mexico City, Laura Quantum Reading Essentials Video CourseCarlsen is a program director Read more

Podcast for February 20, 2010 Shows

Our guests were: Henry Giroux is one of the founding theorists of critical pedagogy in the United States. He is best known for his pioneering work in public pedagogy, cultural studies, youth studies, higher education, media studies, and critical theory. He is the Global TV Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at Hamilton, Ontario’s Read more

Podcast for February 13, 2010 Shows

Our guests were: Don Peck is a deputy managing editor of The Atlantic. Don's article, “How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America,” appears in the March issue. Mike Marqusee is an American writer who emigrated to Britain in 1971. Mike writes Level Playing Field, a column on politics and culture for The Hindu Sunday Read more