Wednesday, April 7 Nine Circles of Hell!

Chicago politicians keep fiddling, burning taxpayer money Chicago Tribune (4/7/10) Aldermen use expense accounts on cars, relatives, consultants While Chicago government and many of its residents struggled with a tough economy, Chicago aldermen continued to pay relatives, public relations consultants and expensive car leases with their city expense accounts, according to a Tribune examination of Read more

Tuesday, April 6 Nine Circles of Hell!

Obama: Nuclear terrorism scarier than the Cold War The Associated Press (4/6/10) Obama calls nuke terrorism the top threat to US Rewriting America’s nuclear strategy, the White House on Tuesday announced a fundamental shift that calls the spread of atomic weapons to rogue states or terrorists a worse threat than the nuclear Armageddon feared during Read more

Let Caster Run! Uncategorized

Former guest Dave Zirin and Sherry Jones weigh in on the recent controversy caused by athlete Caster Semenya due to the possibility that she lucienne cigarette cases is 'intersex.' lucienne cigarette cases zp8497586rq

Monday, April 5 Nine Circles of Hell!

Right-wing Hungarians remind locals of WW2 Telegraph (4/3/10) Rise of Hungary's far-Right Jobbik party stirs disturbing echoes of the 1940s As the youthful leader of Hungary's far-right Jobbik party arrived for an election rally, his followers gave him a welcome that had disturbing echoes of Europe in the 1940s. Two ranks of Hungarian Guards, in Read more

F-U Governance Uncategorized

Welcome to the Moment of Truth The text of the most recent Moment of Truth is HERE. The text of this week's aborted commentary is is below: F-U Governance Welcome to the Moment of Truth, feeding the fever tree fever. Oh, in case you haven't noticed, we're living in an alienating dystopian technofascist nightmare of Read more

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Yo! Over the next couple of days This Is Hell may experience errors. The new website is far more robust than the older site and requires thorough testing. Email any site errors you're experiencing or leave a comment here. Known Problems Speed Issues Error 500 permissions iss Sell A Product That People Will Actually Read more

Podcast for April 3rd Shows

Listen to this Saturday's live four hour This is Hell! Our guests were: Steven Fake is co-author with Kevin Funk of the book, “The Scramble for Africa: Darfur – Intervention and the USA” (Black Rose Books). Professor emeritus in international law at Princeton University, and past This is Hell! guest, Richard Falk said “Scramble for Read more

Website of the Week for April 3, 2010 Website of the Week I have to admit, the name first made me think somethi The Anabolic Again Muscle Building Prescription ng like “dark, with a 100% chance of vacuum and occasional gamma ray showers“.  But thanks to Elvis, I now know this site is also worthy due to its quality news and information about meteor showers, solar Read more

Friday, April 2 Nine Circles of Hell!

Friday, April 2nd Soldiers aren't the unfeeling killing machines their leaders try to create Boston Globe (4/1/10) Soldiers share thoughts on less-obvious conflicts Nancy Sherman, a Georgetown University professor, has spent her career working with soldiers on the moral and psychological issues that haunt them. Her nuanced book blends both her practical experience and her Read more

Thursday, April 1 Nine Circles of Hell!

Thursday, April 1st Big Pharma money buys weaker health care reform The Associated Press (3/29/10) Drug lobby's health care win Chalk one up for the pharmaceutical lobby. The U.S. drug industry fended off price curbs and other hefty restrictions in President Barack Obama's health care law even as it prepares for plenty of new business Read more