This is Hell! Live:


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9:15 - Occupy: London School of Economics reports from the fight for a democratic university.

OccupyLSE published a list of demands of the university at their Tumblr. That sentence is the most 21st century sentence I've ever typed.  

10:00 - After Ferguson, journalist Sarah Kendzior looks to the future of a protest movement.

Sarah profiles the lives and work of activists in her article Fergson, Inc. for Politico  

10:30  - Sarah Kinosian and Lisa Haugaard profile the post-coup collapse of Honduran security.

Sarah and Lisa wrote the report Honduras: A Government Failing to Protect Its People for the Center for International Policy.  

11:15 - Our Man in London, David Skalinder explores the laziness of working long hours.

The last time we had David on the show, he had just learned from American TV news that London was under Sharia law.  

11:45 - Psychologist Per Espen Stoknes explains the mental boundaries to understanding climate change.

Per Espen is author of the new book What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming.  

12:45 - Jeff Dorchen sweeps up Monica Lewinsky's spotlight like the sad clown he is.

Jeff already has the Emmett Kelly outfit, but the red nose is from a medical condition that we don't talk about.Read More...