The Sunday Edition Nine Circles of Hell!


The Sunday Edition of The Nine Circles of Hell! features recent writing by past guests.

This week’s Sunday Edition with direct links to the original articles are here:

Lamis Andoni, “Obama to Israel: Take whatever you want

Russ Baker, “New Study: With Prison, Try a Little Tenderness

Noam Chomsky, “When Did America Completely Jettison the Rule of Law?

Tim Dickinson, “How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Steven Greenhouse, “Union Effort Turns Its Focus to Target

Rebecca Solnit, “Worlds Collide in a Luxury Suite: Some Thoughts on the IMF, Global Injustice, and a Stranger on a Train

Paul Waldman, “Thought Police: How the Tea Party’s Assault on Dissenting Thought Has Trapped the GOP

Richard Wolff, “The great corporate tax swindle

Andy Worthington, “Rights Groups Tell Congress: Vote No to Dangerous New ‘War on Terror’ Provisions