Sunday Edition Nine Circles of Hell!


Every Sunday, The Nine Circles of Hell! Sunday Edition links articles published this week by nine of our over 1,400 past guests.

The Nine Circles of Hell! Sunday Edition for May 8, 2011 are:

Juan Cole, “Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda

The Australian Broadcasting Company interviewed Robert Fisk in, “Death of Osama Bin Laden ‘pretty irrelevant‘”

Conn Hallinan, “The Great Game’s New Clothes

Chris HedgesSpeaks on Osama bin Laden’s Death
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Christopher Hitchens, “Death of a Madman

David Sirota, “USA! USA!” is the wrong response

Matt Taibbi, “Why I Can’t Vote For Ron Paul

Joan Walsh, “Is this what closure feels like?

Ian Williams, “Reading Netanyahu the Riot Act Would Have Done More to Halt Terrorism Than Killing bin Laden