Nine Circles of Hell!: Winter Reading! – Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Nine Circles of Hell!


The Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – are the nine most hellish news stories we can find Monday through Friday. Our Sunday Edition! features writing from the past week – including opinion pieces – by nine of our past guests on This is Hell!

Last Summer, while This is Hell! was on break, we featured The Nine Circles of Hell!: Summer Reading!, a random selection of articles we had found over the previous several months, even years.

By popular demand, we offer you The Nine Circles of Hell!: Winter Reading! through New Year’s Day, another random sampling of articles from the past few months and, at times, years.

The Nine Circles of Hell!: Winter Reading! for Wednesday, December 28, 2011, are …

Can Occupy Ditch Wall Street for New Tactics, Fresh Territory?

When Does a Writer Become a Writer?

Have Electronic Payments Made Liquidity Obsolete?

Volcanoes Blamed for Greatest Land and Sea Extinctions

The Real Causes of Famine

Ethics of drone strikes questioned

Will Obama cave to Catholic bishops on birth control coverage?

Things to Tax

Why Is Donald Rumsfeld on This Package of Spicy Peanuts?