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Police violated summit-goers civil and constitutional rights, detained people illegally, and used excessive force. A report by Ontario’s independent watchdog, the Office of the Independent Police Review, on Toronto PD’s reaction to the 2010 G20 Summit states, “Some police officers ignored basic rights citizens have under the Charter and overstepped their authority when they stopped and searched people arbitrarily and without legal justification. Numerous police officers used excessive force when arresting individuals and seemed to send a message that violence would be met with violence. The reaction created a cycle of escalating responses from both sides.” Let’s hope a similar report on this weekend’s NATO protests in Chicago isn’t released in a couple years. With an unseasonably warm, sunny forecast this weekend in Chicago, in combination with some cops already acting aggressively and a lot of already unhappy people in Illinois, things could get hot. When it comes to foreclosures, the Chicago Tribune quotes Mortgage Bankers Association chief economist Jay Brinkmann saying, “Illinois and New Jersey trail only Florida as being the worst in the country, and they’re getting worse. The (foreclosure) rate in Illinois is more than twice that of California. In the judicial states the problem continues to get worse in terms of the backlog of loans in the foreclosure process.” While that anger may be arguably misplaced when directed toward NATO, there’s lots of military involvement overseas marchers could protest. The US will pay Pakistan most of the $365 million annual fee to re-open a key NATO supply route in the Afghan war. No wonder they just announced Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari will be attending this weekend’s NATO Summit after all. Back in Pakistan, several Western embassies received letters threatening to poison NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. The letter’s author said that the troops would be poisoned if Pakistan re-opened the NATO supply route. The letters contained black powder and were labeled “poison.” Not that this kind of relationship with the west is anything new. Western support for Bahrain crackdowns on pro-democracy demonstrators dates back over fifty years. The exceptional British filmmaker Adam Curtis has uncovered a 1956 BBC story on Bahrain protester deaths that sounds like it could have happened today. When it comes to new fighting, our recent guest Alia Brahimi seems to have predicted it accurately a couple weeks ago on This is Hell! ‘Security sources’ are telling Reuters sectarian tensions from the Syrian revolt have led to four days of ‘heavy fighting’ in Tripoli, Lebanon‘s northern port. There’s no discussion of NATO breaking up, of course, but some of their most prominent members are talking about the end of the EU. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the eurozone “either has to make up or it is looking at a potential breakup. That’s the choice they have to make and it is a choice they can’t long put off.” This is after the governor of the Bank of England said the eurozone was “tearing itself apart” and warned of a “storm heading our way from the continent.” Meanwhile, Chancellor of the Excheguer George Osborne is quoted by The Guardian saying, “It’s the open speculation from some members of the eurozone about the future of some countries in the eurozone which I think is doing real damage across the whole European economy.” That end of the EU may be happening sooner than we think. Greeks are withdrawing all their euros and there is a growing fear that banks will collapse.

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