Nine Circles of Hell!: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


Time for today’s Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – the nine most hellish news stories now in an all-new format including a bonus story on gas prices, for Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

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Republicans and the oil industry would rather you not know this, but “drill, baby, drill has nothing to do with” the price of gas, according to a new analysis covering 36 years of data. (What would have an effect on the price of gas would be an attack on Iran which could push gas up to $7 a gallon – and is also supported by the very same Republicans.) The drill-rig operator involved in the BP Gulf spill, Transocean, has had criminal charges filed against them for another spill, this time in Brazil. Meanwhile, the central government of Iraq and Kurdistan’s leadership are in “a serious crisis” over ExxonMobil‘s potential oil production in the north. In more energy news, Russia’s restarting work on a couple Indian nuclear reactors. Other nukes are being debated as former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei said, “if you were to bomb Iranian (nuclear) facilities, there will be a lesson for Iran — to develop nuclear weapons,” as Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak was saying, “the Iranian military nuclear program is consistently approaching the zone of immunity, and that sanctions need to be stiffened, while talks need to be speeded up.” Speaking of sanctions, India is pissed that they’re not on the Iran sanctions exempt list for most Western nations. There’s also new disagreements in the Afghan-US talks. This time, it’s among the Afghans and just who is a US spy. Likely all of these stories that demystify myths spun by major political parties, and describe the link between energy, war and our global economy, will be missed during your nightly news. That’s because Wall Street is “probably the top source” of paid speeches by journalists to businesses and business groups.

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