Nine Circles of Hell!: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


Time for today’s Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – the nine most hellish news stories now in an all-new format, including a bonus robot story, for Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

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This past weekend, the Bush administration’s main source of information on Iraq’s alleged WMD admitted he was lying. This story is, of course, very under reported here in the States. Now, a newly released classified 2005 memo reveals a high-level State Department official disagreeing strongly with the Bush administration’s support for enhanced interrogation techniques. Then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s representative on terrorism issues at the National Security Council says, “I believe that the Department of Justice’s opinion was an extreme reading of the law.” That’s two justifications for the Bush war on terror that have now been debunked in less than four days, not that our media cares.  We may have lost faith in our media which so far has refused to report the Bush administration’s lies and cover-ups, but at least we still have some hope. Hope is in such short supply in Greece that a 77-year-old pharmacist said, “I have debts, I can’t stand this anymore,” and shot himself dead outside of parliament. In his suicide note, he compared Greece’s current administration to the government that collaborated with the Nazi occupation during World War II. The note also read that the deceased, “cannot find any other form of struggle except a dignified end before I have to start scrounging for food from the trash.” With Greece’s austerity programs leading to ‘a sense of national humiliation,’ you’d think the US would be having second thoughts on massive government job cuts. Think again. In a little over two years, 485,000 public sectors workers have lost their jobs – and local governments now fear these cuts have ‘created a public-safety nightmare waiting to happen.’ We’re certain those victims of otherwise avoidable crimes and fires will find solace in the fact that their taxes haven’t been raised and their government’s budget deficits are being addressed. (Public workers may have other competition for their jobs as the US Navy has now created a very creepy robot firefighter.) While America’s economic woes may pale in comparison to those of Greece, the problems in Greece are nothing compared to what’s going on in Pakistan. A quarter million Pakistanis desperately need help as they flee intense fighting along the border with Afghanistan. Civilians caught in war zones are too often the forgotten victims of conflict. They need all the help they can get. In the heart of Syria’s violence, a much needed aid station has burned to the ground. Often where these horrors take place, it’s tough to get the word out on what exactly is happening – and there’s a new list out of the world’s worst places for internet freedom, a freedom that the UN has said is a basic human right. In the US, the right of personal privacy is slipping away. Police are tracking your cellphone with little oversight – and at a profit for telecom companies. Finally today, a key argument of climate change deniers has been proven wrong. Even with this new evidence it’s unlikely you’ll ever change a denier’s mind – just like you’ll never get a war on terror supporter to admit it was based on lies and cover-ups. Why? Well, it’s science. A new study shows that humans have “a surprising limitation in our capacity to empathize with people we disagree with or differ from … Firsthand painful experiences apparently do not translate into appreciating similar pain felt by dissimilar others.”

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