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South Sudan claims Sudan is bombing and shelling their new country in order to kill peace talks. Reuters quotes South Sudanese Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin saying Sudan’s “acts of aggression” violated a May 2 resolution by the UN Security Council which told both sides to stop fighting and negotiate or face sanctions. Minister Benjamin also is quoted saying, “This is a slap in the face of the United Nations and the African Union.” There are also claims that ‘gringo’ anti-drug agents took part in deadly Afghanistan-like night raids in Honduras. The Associated Press reports, “The gunfire from a US-backed Honduran anti-drug mission that appears to have targeted civilians by mistake wasn’t the only terror that night more than a week ago, villagers say. They describe heavily armed commandos storming into homes and manhandling residents, and they think American agents joined in. After the shooting killed four passengers on a riverboat and wounded four more, the masked agents landed their helicopters in this community of wooden shacks on stilts near the river and began breaking down doors, hunting for a drug trafficker.” In neighboring El Salvador, it’s not just claims and allegations. There is definitely good news and bad news. The good news is, in El Salvador murders are down 60 percent. The bad news is, in El Salvador disappearances are up 8 percent. The drop in murders is credited to a gang truce. However, the increase in disappearances many undermine that truce. Video by an Israeli human rights group seems to confirm another horror. BBC News reports,”a video that appears to show Israeli soldiers standing by while Jewish settlers open fire on stone-throwing Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, wounding one of them.” The video is by Israeli rights group B’Tselem. The story continues, “The picture the videos paint is disturbing. It appears to show Jewish settler youths attacking a Palestinian village; later heavily armed Jewish settlers shooting at, and wounding, a Palestinian man, and most disturbing of all, Israeli soldiers standing by and doing nothing to prevent the shooting.” Speaking of settlements, the Knesset passed a bill giving tax benefits to the settlements, which have been deemed illegal. Israel not only faces a conundrum with Palestinians outside the walls of their country, but within the walls there’s concerns over African migrants. Xinhua reports, “African migrants residing in south Tel Aviv pose a severe health risk, warn senior Israeli physicians.” This article quotes a Professor Pini Halperin, head of the emergency care unit at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center saying “It’s a real time bomb” of communicable diseases. Professor Halperin adds, “I admit them for treatment out of deep fear for their lives, but I’m forced to return them to the poor sanitary conditions they live in.” Xinhua also quotes a Professor Gabi Barbash, the director of Ichilov, saying, “We already have 100,000 infiltrators living here who, as far as the government and its institutions are concerned, simply don’t exist. Only the hospitals shoulder the burden, and we’re throwing sick people out to the street.” There are claims of some violence and evidence of others. Then, there’s warnings of future problems. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development believes eurozone risks falling into a “severe recession.”  The OECD is made up of the world’s most developed economies. OECD Chief Economist Pier Carlo Padoan is quoted saying, “we see the situation in the euro area close to the possible downside scenario which if materializing could lead to a severe recession in the euro area and with spillovers in the rest of the world.” This is the kinda thing that’s bound to lead to more protests. The protests in Canada, already the nation’s longest, continue to heat up. Eurnoews reports, “Student protesters in Canada turned out in their thousands to defy a new law which effectively bans demonstrations against tuition fee hikes.” That law sparked intense violence with 300 arrested and 20 injured over the weekend in Montreal. A student union spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is quoted saying, “That’s the reason the government should accept to cancel this law, before people get injured and before people may die. That would be dramatic and no one wants to get there.” Canadian laws – and cops – are being criticized for limiting protests – and the same is happening in Russia. Tired of anti-Putin protesters, Russia is jacking up the fines for breaking the law at rallies. In another euronews story, a Sergei Mitrokhin, the leader of the liberal Yabloko party, is quoted saying, “A direct signal has been given: sit down and keep quiet! You might be living in poverty and we will condemn you to live in poverty….. and you shouldn’t try to resist, do not dare to say anything.” Sofia Rusova, an activist with Yabloko’s youth wing, adds, “This will be a direct way for people either to go out for some sort of armed rebellion or just sit at home, which leads nowhere as nothing is going to change.”

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