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Protests are taking place everywhere right now. The Guardian is following all the world’s street actions live (and there’s this live NYC footage at Reuters). It’s important to remember in some place protesters are far more courageous. In Bahrain, tear gas and stun grenades broke up anti-government actions. The uprising in Bahrain appears to have been reinvigorated by the recent Formula One race protests. It’s not the first time Bahraini protesters have been attacked or worldwide actions have taken place on May Day. Also not the first, Japan joins a growing list of countries opposing an Israeli strike on Iran – but the first debris from the Japanese tsunami is about to wash up in the US and Canada. No need to worry; 95% of the tsunami debris will end up in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex. It’s not the first deadly suicide attack in Somalia by the al Qaeda-allied al-Shabab group. The attack, killing at least seven, came after the UN, African Union (AU) and regional Horn of Africa group, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Idap) , warned in a joint statement that the current peace initiative could be jeopardized by “potential spoilers.” The statement went on to say, “We have come too far and too much is at stake for us to allow the process to backslide at the exact moment Somalia has its best opportunity for peace in decades.” So, the regional group on the farthest eastern (ECOWAS) and western (Idap) ends of Africa are intervening in nations fighting internal wars with groups linked to al Qaeda. Hell. you can paint a swath with a wide brush covering the fifth to eleventh parallels across Africa and cover up at least a half dozen wars or near-wars. Right in the middle of that swath of war, US military advisers are with AU forces – including Ugandans – looking for alleged war criminal Joseph Kony. Uganda believes Kony is backed by Sudan. Sudan is now at war with newly-independent South Sudan. The UN and the US want to impose sanctions if Sudan and South Sudan continue their new war. Russia and China oppose UN sanctions against either side in the Sudanese war as both nations have close ties to both sides. (Speaking of African war criminals, wanted alleged war criminal Jean-Bosco Ntaganda told AFP he’s got nothing to do with the renewed violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Just so you know.) Nor is it the first time the US will allow BP to do some oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. We were just hoping the previous time BP drilled would be their last. Instead, BP has expanded their drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon disaster. This will definitely not be the first time we have linked to a story on Michigan’s decades-long economic disaster. However, this may be the first time we’ve ever found a study on poverty and a good night’s sleep. The Detroit Free Press reports, “Experts say the economy, consolidation of households, and bedbugs are all contributing to a lack of beds in homes throughout southeast Michigan, which often leads to poor sleep. No one tracks exactly how many people share beds or go without, but a first-of-its kind study in metro Detroit is to take place this fall. The effects of not getting a good night’s sleep range from emotional and behavior problems in children to adults drowsing off or falling asleep, putting them at an increased risk for automobile accidents and affecting work performance, medical experts say.” (The Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan is helping out those Michiganders going without beds. Click on their name and go to their website. Please show your support in whatever way you can.) However, there was one really big first. Yesterday, for the first time, a US government official acknowledged that drone strikes killed innocent people.

That’s the Nine Circles of Hell! for Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

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  • Stanvanhoucke

    dear chuck and the others,

    i just finished ‘The Short American Century. A Postmortem,’ edited by andrew j.bacevich. it is a fascinating journey through the last fifty years, written by experts who all try on their own field to analyze what really went wrong, a meta-view so to speak. you might interview all of the contributors, all of them are qualified to be a guests in your fine show. keep on trucking chuck.
    stan van houcke
    the netherlands