Nine Circles of Hell!: Thursday, May 10, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


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Russia’s military leaders have considered a preemptive strike on the planned NATO and US-backed Europe missile shield. With next weekend’s NATO Summit in Chicago, what better time for a successful US test of a missile designed for the provocative Europe shield? Russia’s not crazy about what’s happening in Syria either. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says foreign states share the blame in Syria’s violence, including today’s two suicide car bombers that killed 55 people and wounded 372. Lavrov is quoted saying, “Some of our foreign partners are doing practical things so that the situation in Syria explodes in literal and figurative sense. I mean (today’s) explosions. Leaders of the international community have influence over them (armed groups). They should use this influence for good, not evil. There are some people who want to exert pressure on us to reverse our stance, but we will not yield to this pressure.” The UN is applying pressure to the new leadership in Guinea-Bissau. A military junta seized power about a month ago. Now, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon wants an “immediate return to constitutional order” in Guinea-Bissau. While the UN pressures Guinea-Bissau, the World Bank is pressuring the rest of the world. The World Bank urges every nation to put a value on their ‘natural capital’ in order to protect it. Rachel Kyte, vice president for sustainable development at the bank, says, “At current rates, we are in danger of undermining the basis on which growth has been achieved in the last decades. We do not believe that current growth patterns are sustainable.” The World Bank is also worried about Afghanistan’s near future. With donor grants constituting half of Afghanistan’s budget, the World Bank reported that cuts in aid and troops could be economically devastating in Afghanistan. The UN pressures, the World Bank urges and worries – and Sudan’s opposition warns. Sudan’s opposition party leader believes Sudan will collapse because of oil – or the lack thereof. Hassan al-Turabi, the leader of the opposition Popular Congress Party, is quoted by Reuters saying, “Hatred for the regime is intensifying now in the country. The economic crisis has intensified and this is very dangerous. If the hungry go out in a revolution, they will break and destroy … I expect it won’t take us long now, The government is completely broke. If hunger intensifies, people, along with their other reasons for anger … we are worried that a revolution will come, which will lead to chaos.” Turabi blames the government’s failures on their focus on oil and destruction of the agriculture sector, which in the early 1990s accounted for nearly all exports. Turabi said, “It’s a stupid policy. All agriculture was killed in Sudan because of oil.” Another stupid policy – destroying potential evidence – is now being bragged about. The CIA’s counterterrorism chief has admitted to destroying videotapes of waterboardings showing a detainee vomiting and screaming. Those tapes would be handy to the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as his defense is based on similar waterboardings he experienced 183 times. The things that are done in the name of ‘justice’; like the Chicago cops already taking a provocative and intimidating approach to NATO Summit protesters. A week before the Summit starts, a recording shows Chicago police taunting NATO protesters with “’68, do you know about ’68? Billy clubs to the fucking skull.” At another point in the video one of the activists tells the officer that they will “see them at NATO.” The cop replies, “Can’t wait. We’ll come looking for you, each and every one of you.” If only Chicago cops were as passionate about their unions being busted as they are about busting protesters’ heads. 35,000 British cops went on strike today to protest public sector cuts. You gotta wonder how Chicago’s police would react to fellow cops exercising their freedom of speech and assembly.

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