Nine Circles of Hell!: Sunday Edition! Nine Circles of Hell!


The Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – is posted each weekday. While we post the nine most hellish news stories we can find Monday through Friday, our Sunday Edition! features writing from the past week – including opinion pieces – by nine of our past guests on This is Hell!

The Nine Circles of Hell!: Sunday Edition! for Sunday, November 12, 2011, are:

Bill Black, “The High Price of Ignorance

Dante Chinni, “Politics Counts: Ohio’s Union Vote Shows Signs of Shifting Electorate

Tim Dickinson, “How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich

Robert Fisk, “Do those who flaunt the poppy on their lapels know that they mock the war dead?

Ethan Nadelman, “Reefer Madness

Michael Parenti, “Occupy America

Frances Fox Piven, “The War Against the Poor

Matt Taibbi, “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests” and “Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street

Dave Zirin, “Joe Pa and the sick logic of college football