Nine Circles of Hell!: Sunday Edition! Nine Circles of Hell!


The Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – is posted each weekday. While we post the nine most hellish news stories we can find Monday through Friday, our Sunday Edition! features writing from the past week – including opinion pieces – by nine of our past guests on This is Hell!

The Nine Circles of Hell!: Sunday Edition! for Sunday, October 2, 2011, are:

Maude Barlow, “‘Why I got arrested’

Will Bunch, “The Tea Party, right-wing media, and the dog that didn’t bark

Noam Chomsky, “Is the world too big to fail?

Juan Cole, “Saudi Women’s Vote: Does it Go Far Enough?

Robert Dreyfuss, “Assassinating Awlaki: Obama Can Kill Anyone He Wants To

Chris Hedges, “The Best Among Us

Gareth Porter, “How McChrystal and Petraeus Built an Indiscriminate ‘Killing Machine’

Matt Taibbi, “‘Occupy Wall Street’: Drawing the Battle Lines

Andy Worthington, “The Dale Farm Eviction: How Racism Against Gypsies and Travellers Grips Modern-Day Britain