‘Nine Circles of Hell!, Spring Cleaning’: Saturday, March 10, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


Once every season, for one week ‘The Nine Circles of Hell!’ offers a random selection of articles that have piled up in the This is Hell! offices.

While The Nine Circles! are the nine most hellish news stories we find each every weekday, and The Sunday Edition! features opinion and commentary by past guests, the Spring Cleaning is a collection of whatever the hell we have laying around here that we think you need to read.

And, yes, with global warming changing our climate, ‘The Nine Circles of Hell!: Spring Reading’ have arrived a couple weeks early – but they’re still posted every day at 4:20 PM (Chicago time).

The Nine Circles of Hell!: Spring Cleaning‘ for Saturday, March 10, 2012 are:

The CIA in Iran

Philanthropy is the enemy of justice

Leon Panetta’s explicitly authoritarian decree

Wireless Electricity Is Here (Seriously)

Can Canada overcome its ‘Katrina moment’?

The Obama Memos

Meet the Senators in the Creepy Right-Wing Cult Trying to Defeat Health Care Reform

Failing upwards: Living in a bureaucratic world

The Caging of America