Nine Circles of Hell!: Monday, June 4, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


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Rebels killed at least 80 Syrian soldiers, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which cited local doctors. Twenty-seven are dead from US drone attacks in Pakistan over the let three days. Twenty-six wee killed after a suicide bomber detonated outside the offices of an Iraqi government-run body that manages Shi’ite religious and cultural sites. The deadly violence continues in Syria, Pakistan and Iraq while the revolution in Egypt may be nearing an end. Egypt’s streets filled with protesters following what critics saw as a light life sentence for ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his former interior minister, and senior security officials were acquittal and Mubarak’s sons being found innocent of corruption charges. (Tomorrow’s protests asking for a retrial are certain to be massive.) The fighting continues in Libya as well. Militiamen have taken control of the Tripoli airport. The fighters, from the city of Tarhouna, are angry over the Sunday arrest of their commander. As The Associated Press reports, “Tarhouna in was widely seen as a favorite of deposed ruler Moammar Gadhafi. Its dominant tribe, also called Tarhouna, held many positions in the Libyan military under Col. Gadhafi. The city’s residents are viewed with suspicion by former rebels.” There’s militias of a different kind roaming Israel’s streets. Reuters reports, “Israeli arsonists set fire on Monday to an apartment housing Eritrean migrants, spray-painting ‘get out of the neighborhood’ over the entrance in the latest violence against Africans migrants.” Der Spiegel reports a possibly even more frightening story on Israel. German subs sold to Israel are being armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, according to an investigation by the German magazine. While Germany arms a nuclear Israel, Rwanda is arming the rebels fighting the Democratic Republic of Congo. The rebels are led by an International Criminal Court-wanted war crimes suspect, Bosco Ntaganda. Human Rights Watch senior Africa researcher, Anneke Van Woudenberg is quoted by the BBC saying, “The role played by some Rwandan military officials in supporting and harboring an ICC war crimes suspect can’t just be swept under the rug. Rwanda should immediately stop all support to Ntaganda and assist in his arrest.” Finally today, a reminder that the Earth continues to fall apart. According to the UN, the Great Barrier Reef is in “continuing decline” and “in the absence of substantial progress” the Reef may be listed as a world heritage site “in danger.” This is all “despite management successes” when it comes to the Reef’s protection.

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