Nine Circles of Hell: Monday, April 9, 2012 Nine Circles of Hell!


Time for the Nine Circles of Hell! – all the news that gives you fits in print – the nine most hellish news stories. Today’s include four bonus stories on the upcoming Iran war, four extra items on the troubled Arab Spring, one additional article on killing and another one on fracking, and two more stories on the world’s police, now in an all-new blog format for Monday, April 9, 2012.

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America, sit back, relax, and let today’s Nine Circles of Hell! anger up your blood just enough to get you to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech and assembly. If you’re in England, express your opinion indoors. Documents show that UK police will be using chemical weapons on protesters, including not just the notorious ‘Dip,’ but also a new ‘Skunk Oil.’  What might you be protesting? How about the upcoming Iran war. President Obama is giving Iran their “last chance” at diplomacy on the nuclear issue. The Obama administration wants Iran to give up a nuclear enrichment plant which has been ‘a huge investment’ and is ‘the one facility that is most hardened against airstrikes.’ (The US-Iran war may be a lot closer than we think. The CIA is ramping up their intelligence targeting Iran and has been running a covert campaign with other US agencies to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Not that we’re trying to freak you out with Iran war fears, but the US Navy just sent a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf. The number of people against an Iran war keeps growing. Even the toppled shah’s kid doesn’t want war. Don’t worry, if the war with Iran doesn’t pan out, the US-North Korean tensions are rising over the PRK’s nuclear program.) Things aren’t going well where the recent uprisings have been taking place either. The ‘new’ Libya’s compensation program for their ‘freedom fighters’ is totally corrupt. (In other post-uprising news Tunisian police are fighting thousands of protesters at ‘the focal point’ of last year’s actions. Tunisia and Libya aren’t the only sites of the Arab Spring that are having troubles. ‘Losing the Nile’ is a new series at Global Post reporting that “upstream states like Ethiopia and Burundi seize on Egypt’s post-revolution political uncertainty to finally wrest at least some control of the world’s longest river.” The Syrian uprising is also getting worse and angering the Obama crowd. White House spokesman Jay Carney said, “We certainly have seen no sign yet of the Assad regime abiding by its commitments, which is obviously quite unfortunate.” Despite reports, the Iraq war continues to be deadly as well.) Today’s most deadly fighting may have been in Yemen where at least 57 are dead in battles with an ‘al-Qa’ida-linked group.’ (That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fucking crazy as hell here in Chicago. Five people were killed in 23 weekend shootings.) But all of these awful events pale in comparison to what’s happening in India. Over a third of India’s people show signs of malnourishment. “If India is not in a state of famine, it is quite clearly in a state of chronic hunger.” Our growing police state, uprisings, wars, famine, none of this is surprising – and it won’t be surprising when tonight’s US national network TV news programs ignores every one of these stories (don’t forget I tweet during the news every weeknight @thisishellradio). Also not surprising is the new study that shows homophobes ‘have an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex’ – and we’re hoping this item makes the news tonight. With all the nightly TV news shows running ads for the natural gas industry, here’s something it’s certain they won’t report. Industry has now extracted so much natural gas that it’s being forced to scale back operations. (A far scarier natural gas story from last week was that frackers are outbidding farmers for water on Colorado’s Front Range.) Today’s Nine Circles! started with protests, so let’s finish with a couple more revolting stories. The biggest protest going on right now that may have gone under your radar has got to be the Quebec student strike over tuition hikes, which is now Canada’s longest. Tens of thousands have been taking to the streets. If that is on your radar, then we’re betting you definitely missed the jailed Saudi activist on a hunger strike. The prisoner made the mistake of ‘supporting families demonstrating outside the Interior Ministry in Riyadh to demand the release of detained relatives.’ (Not that the Saudis are the only ones detaining people. The Guardian has a special report describing the horrors of the British rendition program. In US detainee news, the media is suing the government over access to the trial of an alleged Al Qaeda member who will tell the judge about his mistreatment in CIA prisons.)

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