But at What Price?

This is Hell! is free, but our production and website costs are not. We rely on listener donations and our own pockets to pay for the phone calls, hosting and web services that go into producing and publishing our show. That means we are completely independent and free to interview who we want, about what we want. It also means we are broke as hell.

By donating to This is Hell! you keep the show running. That’s it. No one is making any money off this venture, believe me. This just helps us not make less money on the show.

Help Support the Show Directly!

Donations via Paypal go to web hosting, international guest calls and paying for Soundcloud Pro.



Help even if you’re broker than us!

We understand that this economy is a barren hellscape, that’s the basis behind like half of our interviews. If you don’t have any money but want to help us out, please share our interviews with people you know. Retweets, faves, shares, likes and Soundcloud embeds get the word out about what we’re doing on the show, and that’s worth more than all the money in the world. Well, not exactly. It’s worth more than no money, so we’ll take that too.